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eco style   5th Environmental Action Plan:
FY2012 - 2015
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Toshiba Group has formulated its "5th Environmental Action Plan" for the period through FY2015. Under this plan, it aims to establish its position as one of the world's foremost eco-companies by integrating business operations with environmental management.

The Action Plan retains the three "Green" concepts -"Greening of Products", "Greening by Technology", and "Greening of Process" - from the previous version, but adds "Green Management" to the trio. Toshiba Group will set specific goals that contribute to both overall sales and environmental performance and strive to meet such goals in order to achieve greater integration between business operations and environmental management.

Greening of Products

Creation of No. 1 environmental performance products - Learn More

Increase sales with eco targets and revolutionary
environmental products

  • Excellent ECP* sales : approximately $22 billion** in FY 2015
Heat source system
"Universal Smart X"
Power device

Greening by Technology

Global development of leading low-carbon technology - Learn More

Best mix of energy to realize an energy saving society

  • Energy related product sales: approximately $23 billion** in FY 2015
Mega Solar
Mega Solar
Indirect cooling
High efficiency hydrogen powered, indirect cooling turbine power generator

Greening of Process

Pursuit of world's lowest level of environmental impact - Learn More

Achieve reductions in cost and power use through highly efficient production.

  • 30,000 ton reduction in CO2 with investment of approximately $45 million** on cost-saving devices.
  • 1.5 times the eco-efficiency of 2000 in FY 2015
semiconductor production
High efficient semiconductor production plant

Cooling machine
High efficient cooling machine


Green Management

Implement Simultaneous Environmental Action initiative by all employees throughout the world - Learn More

Develop through the employee participation site "TOSHIBATON"

  • One of the top environmentally-conscious companies in the world
Employee participation site "TOSHIBATON"
Earth Hour
Earth Hour

*Excellent ECP is Toshiba's term for products that have been found to meet the industry's highest level of environmental performance.
**Exchange rate used: 82 yen/dollar as of end of March 2012.

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