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Toshiba Group's Green Management initiative encompasses biodiversity, environmental education/human resources development and environmental communication. Biodiversity, which refers to the variety of plants, animals and micro-organisms found in a particular area, is one of Toshiba's most important Green Management initiatives. In the U.S., Toshiba America Business Solutions - Toner Products Division (TABS-TPD) (South Dakota), TAIS (California), and WEC HQ (Pennsylvania) have assessed biodiversity at their sites with guidance from the nonprofit conservation organization Wildlife Habitat Council. TIC and TAEC are also engaged in evaluating and enhancing biodiversity at their sites. By transforming stormwater ponds into wetland habitat, restoring native plants and controlling invasive species, these sites are improving conditions for local wildlife while raising environmental awareness among their employees.

TAIS habitats

Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc. will provide habitats for butterflies and birds by replacing non-native plantings with natives.

Black-bellied Whistling ducks feeding at Toshiba International Corporation retention pond that also serves as a marshland habitat.

Furthermore, to support Green Management globally, Toshiba launched a new environmental engagement website, TOSHIBA BATON . The website allows Toshiba employees to share photos and stories about environmental conservation activities, including biodiversity, with their coworkers around the world.
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