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Greening of Process

Greening of Process

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Through improving our processes, in 2015 Toshiba America expects to:

  • Reduce greenhouse gases to 65% (4.39 million tons) of FY 1990 levels;
  • Reduce manufacturing waste to 71% (0.117 million tons) of FY 2000 levels; and
  • Reduce chemicals discharged to 77% (1,967 tons) of FY 2000 levels.

Here are some examples in North America:

The Toshiba facility in Irvine, California turned on 105 kilowatts of solar power generated from an array of solar panels placed on a canopy structure in the parking lot. Thanks to technological improvements in the server room, this installation will provide more than enough power to meet the needs of that server room. The heart of the solar energy system is Toshiba's photovoltaic inverter. TIC was the system integrator for the project.

The solar array now helps reduce the carbon footprint of several companies who share the Toshiba campus: Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc. (TAIS), Toshiba Americas Business Solutions, Inc. (TABS), Toshiba America Electronics Systems (TAEC) and Toshiba America, Inc. (TAI) , along with several employees of Toshiba Americas Medical Systems, Inc. (TAMS) and Toshiba Logistics America, Inc. (TLGA).

Solar Installation at TAIS

Solar Installation at Toshiba Campus- Irvine CA

When New York's prestigious 1251 Avenue of the Americas office building sought help to become ENERGY STAR-qualified, TAI's corporate office in New York oversaw installation of nearly 1,923 Toshiba LED lamps in its most used common areas, such as the lobby, elevator banks, management offices and concourse. The retrofit resulted in an exceptional savings of 445,192.60 kWh and $80,135 annually over the former incandescent lighting —paying for itself in a single year. In addition to the LED lighting, the building installed 46 new Toshiba motors and 17 Toshiba variable frequency drives to replace most of the outdated motor controllers for its HVAC fan systems to reduce the building's overall energy consumption. As a result of these improvements, the building was awarded its silver LEED certification.

LEED CertificatonIn other energy-saving initiatives, TIC's Power Systems Division's Milwaukee Service Center reduced CO2 emissions by 180.8 tons annually by replacing 124 overhead halide lights with high-efficiency LED lighting. Likewise, the Westinghouse Specialty Metals Plant is reducing annual electricity consumption by 573,889 kWh and cutting costs by $57,389 per year by upgrading lighting in eight areas of its Blairsville, Pennsylvania facility.

From FY 2011 to FY 2012, Toshiba Americas Medical Systems, Inc. (TAMS) reduced fleet CO2 emissions by 550,302 pounds using a mix of hybrid and fuel-efficient vehicles in its corporate fleet. North of the border, our employees in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton area are working to ease traffic gridlock, improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions through carpooling. As a result, Toshiba received a Special Recognition certificate at the 2012 Smart Commute Awards for being among area employers with the most carpoolers (workplace category size 200-500 employees).

In other efforts to reduce our environmental impact, our facilities continued to focus on reducing hazardous waste. In Houston, TIC eliminated one hazardous waste stream by purchasing red insulator paint in recyclable one-gallon pails, instead of 55-gallon drums. Previously the drums had to be disposed of as hazardous waste because several inches of unusable paint remained at the bottom of the drum; whereas all of the paint from the pails can be used. TIC also reduced inverter packaging material weight by 24% in FY 2012.

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