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Greening of Products

Greening of Products

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ES306LP-RD30In creating our products, in 2015 Toshiba America is working to:

  • Reduce CO2 emissions by 15 million tons;
  • Remove polyvinyl chloride and brominated flame retardants from all of our products;
  • Increase product resource savings to 50% through such efforts as reducing weight and size;

As an example, Toshiba Americas Business Solutions (TABS) unveiled the world's first multifunction copier with erasable toner in April 2013. The e-STUDIO306LP/RD30 produces printed pages that can be erased up to five times. Reusable paper is returned to the unit's upper drawer; pages that cannot be fully erased are sent to the bottom drawer to be recycled. This process allows users to dramatically minimize paper usage while reducing CO2 emissions by up to 57%.* To further minimize our customers' carbon footprint, the e-STUDIO306LP/RD30 integrates bio-based plastics, which produce 20% less CO2 emissions during production, compared to traditional petroleum-based versions.

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