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Caring About Our Environment

As part of our commitment to protecting Earth's environment and resources worldwide, Toshiba has set goals for "greening" our processes, products and technology by 2015. Through improving our processes, we expect to reduce greenhouse gases to 65% (4.39 million tons) of FY 1990 levels; reduce manufacturing waste to 71% (0.117 million tons) of FY 2000 levels; and reduce chemicals discharged to 77% (1,967 tons) of FY 2000 levels.

In creating our products, we are working to reduce CO2 emissions by 15 million tons; remove polyvinyl chloride and brominated flame retardants from all of our products; increase product resource savings to 50% through such efforts as reducing weight and size; and increase sales of Excellent ECPs* to approximately $22 billion (expected).

In addition, our technologies are on track to reduce CO2 emissions by 490 million tons in FY 2015; and increase sales of our low-carbon technologies to approximately $23 billion** in FY 2015.

The employees in our Americas operations have shown true leadership in realizing those goals.

*Excellent ECP is Toshiba's term for products that have been found to meet the industry's highest level of environmental performance.
**Exchange rate used: 82 yen/dollars as of end of March 2012.

Aiming to become one of the world's foremost eco-companies through the grand design's four strategies

Toshiba Group aims to become one of the world's foremost eco-companies as it upholds its unified global brand "ecostyle" and strives to achieve a world in which people lead affluent lifestyles in harmony with the Earth. Last year, we announced our Fifth Environmental Action Plan based on the four strategies developed to achieve this aim: 1) strategy to expand ECPs, External Icon 2) high-efficiency manufacturing strategy, External Icon 3) compliance and management strategy, External Icon and 4) communication strategy. External Icon In this Action Plan, we are further integrating business management and environmental management in all business areas, and have set specific goals to ensure continuous business growth and reduce environmental impacts. To learn more click on the links below.

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