Toshiba Social Responsibility


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Toshiba's vision and strategy to protect the environment and mitigate climate change is defined in its Fifth Environmental Action Plan where performance targets have been set for manufacturing processes, products and technologies. Our companies In the Americas are making great strides to meet these global targets through their environmentally conscious products, low-carbon energy technologies, and manufacturing process improvements. To learn more, click on the left-side navigation menu.

Vision and Strategies

Playing a leading role in establishing a sustainable society by promoting solid environmental management practices across all of our products & business processes.

Greening by Technology

To achieve the goals of Environmental Vision 2050, Toshiba Group is promoting initiatives aimed at providing a stable power supply and mitigating climate change through its low-carbon energy technologies.

Greening of Process

Toshiba Group is promoting Greening of Process, an initiative for high-efficiency manufacturing which aims to minimize the volume of raw materials and waste in manufacturing processes and reduce emissions.