Toshiba Social Responsibility
standards of conduct

Standards of Conduct

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Basic policy requires Toshiba Group companies to conduct business activities in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and the highest standards of ethical business conduct, and to fulfill all corporate social responsibilities, such as protection of the global environment, contribution to the local community, and respect for human rights. In order to achieve this basic policy, Toshiba Group also defines Toshiba Group Standards of Conduct as a guide to general standards of behavior that all Toshiba Group company directors and employees are expected to observe in their business activities. Every year, Toshiba America conducts seminars to encourage our employees to become familiar with the Standards of Conduct.

As the Toshiba Group strives to be an enterprise trusted by society, we have set up management principles respecting humanity, creating new values and contributing to the lives and cultures of countries around the world. At the same time, we operate our business under a management vision in which we aim to make adequate profits and sustainable growth, and to bring our customers satisfaction through the professional expertise of our personnel and the collective efforts of our people.

Two areas of emphasis are community relations and the environment. Toshiba Group Companies contribute to and cooperate with all local communities in which Toshiba Group operates. Our companies strive to promote a sustainable environment with the recognition that the Earth is an irreplaceable asset and that there is a collective obligation to leave it to future generations in a sound state, and to contribute to society by developing and offering excellent products that incorporate technologies for environmental protection.

Our Standards of Conduct cover the following areas:
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Production and Technology Quality Assurance
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Procurement
  • Environment
  • Export Control
  • Competition Law
  • Government Transactions
  • Improper Payments
  • Engineering Ethics
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Accounting
  • Corporate Communications
  • Advertising
  • Corporate Information and Company Assets
  • Community Relations

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