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Hisao TinakaEconomic globalization, advances in information and communications systems, and diversification of people's preferences and lifestyles—all constant reminders that our business environment is undergoing rapid change. The world also faces many and unprecedented challenges, among them continuing population growth, the concentration of people in cities, ever-growing demand for energy and the advances of climate change, natural disasters across the globe, and the need to enhance medical services in emerging economies and for the elderly everywhere.

While the world around us continues to change rapidly, I am committed, as president and CEO of Toshiba, to pressing forward with CSR management as the cornerstone of management policy. Toshiba Group will contribute to developing a sustainable society while aiming to achieve "growth through creativity and innovation." We will speed up managerial decision-making, accelerate innovation, create new value, and open up new markets.

The diversity of our global employees is a major driving force of these initiatives, and I am determined to actively nurture the development of this, our most valuable asset, by shaping a corporate culture that allows all of our employees to enhance their potential and maximize their capabilities. I want to see everyone working at Toshiba Group, whatever their gender or nationality, engaging in active discussions in a free and open-minded manner, creating new value and acting decisively.

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A Message From the Chairman and CEO of Toshiba America, Inc.

"Think Globally and Act Locally"
"Think globally and act locally" is a key aspect of my business credo. For Toshiba America this means that as a global company doing business in the U.S., we must comply fully with all legal requirements, work to understand cultural norms regarding issues such as corporate philanthropy and diversity in the workplace, as well as ensuring that our actions reflect important environmental concerns. I believe that every company is a part of society and therefore belongs to the community in which it operates. Companies exist to contribute to society.

"Committed to People, Committed to the Future"
The Toshiba Group's dedication to CSR is reflected in our corporate slogan "Committed to People, Committed to the Future." All Toshiba employees are encouraged to share our management vision and our core values, and the Toshiba Group Standards of Conduct and the UN Global Compact guide us in many aspects of our daily business. In addition, through the sharing of news about our CSR activities and programs with our stakeholders, we are helping to actively promote Toshiba CSR globally. I firmly believe that it is important to communicate honestly and openly, just as it is crucial to consider environmental sustainability, sincerity to our customers, and participation in community enrichment activities.

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