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Committed to Sustainability

Discover Toshiba's drive towards sustainability and explore our efficient, energy-saving integrated solutions towards positive global impact.

Renewable Energy

For stable energy in Kenya, we introduced a geothermal power generation system – harnessing the Earth’s energy to provide consistent electricity while protecting the environment. It’s just one way we bring clean energy to the world.

Water Treatment

To ensure safe water along the Ganges River, we developed, installed and manage a sewage treatment system, covering a vast area. And we continue to improve the quality of water all over the world.

At Toshiba Group, we are committed to achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in everything we do. For more information about our unwavering determination to contribute to the development of a sustainable society through our business, visit:

Toshiba is Creating the Future with Cyber Physical Systems (CPS)

At Toshiba, we are fusing information processing powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digital technologies with our unrivalled experience and know-how as a manufacturer in industries ranging from electronic devices to infrastructure.

By capitalising on our leadership in CPS, we create value for businesses and contribute more to the development of our communities.

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