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32-bit Microcontrollers Based on ARM® Processor Cores

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Toshiba offers an extensive and rapidly growing line of microcontrollers (MCUs) based on the popular ARM® processing cores. The family includes the TX00, TX03, TX04 and TX09 Series MCUs with other products in development. These devices are suited for a broad range of applications including consumer electronics, advance audio, industrial control, factory automation, vector motor control, portable applications and more. Advanced features include the Thumb®-2 instruction set, high capacity, low power consumption, high performance, precision analog functions, proprietary NANO FLASH™ and more.

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Toshiba ARM-processor-based TX00, TX03 & TX09 Microcontroller Product Series

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Series Applications Core Features
TX00 Healthcare, energy measurement and portable applications Cortex-M0 core Thumb/Thumb-2 instruction set, high energy efficiency, high-precision analog functions.
TX03 Broad range from digital cameras, to car audio and vector motor control Cortex-M3 core High code density, proprietary NANO Flash memory featuring high capacity and low-power consumption
TX04 Broad range from cameras, digital video to printers and industrial equipment Cortex-M4 Core High energy efficiency, ideal for digital processing, single precision floating point unit, NANO Flash, mixed signal
TX09 Multimedia control ARM926EJ-S™ 16KB each of instruction cache and data cache, max operational frequency is 200MHz, low power
ARM, Thumb, and Cortex are registered trademarks of ARM LTD. ARM926EJ-S is a trademark of ARM LTD. NANO FLASH is a registered trademark of Toshiba Corporation.