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16/32-Bit Microcontrollers

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16/32-bit CISC Microcontrollers

The TLCS-900 family of Toshiba 16/32-bit embedded flash microcontrollers based on SuperFlash® memories come equipped with a large variety of on-board peripherals and are designed for demanding industrial applications. The Family includes multiple products with a range of performances and processing capabilities: TLCS-900, TLCS-900/H, TLCS-900/L, TLCS-900/L1 (16-bit) and TLCS-900/H1 and the high-speed TLCS-900/H1 (32-bit).

Product Line Up

View TX03 Microcontroller Product Groups TLCS-900 Series Roadmap
TLCS-900 Series Roadmap
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All the devices are designed to operate from a 16 MB linear address space; some have Memory Management Units allowing 136 MB. On-chip program memory is available from 32K to 512K in ROM with flash memory available for some devices.

In addition to standard serial I/O, timers, A to D converters, and watchdog timers, some members of the Toshiba line include LCD drivers, color LCD controllers, and USB and SD interfaces. Code is upward compatible among all of the 16-bit and 32-bit families. The devices ensure high-end performance of up to 80 MHz.

View TX03 Microcontroller Product Groups Highly integrated, 80 MHz reference system for handheld solutions
Highly Integrated 80 MHz reference system for handheld solutions
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High-Speed Flash Memory

Many of the Toshiba 8/16-bit devices support Toshiba SuperFlash single-voltage flash memory. The SuperFlash memory is available with three distinct programming modes: parallel, serial PROM, and in-system programming (ISP) providing pre- and post-production programming flexibility. ISP mode allows upgrades and fixes in the field under control of the user program. This removes the need to switch off the output to an LCD panel or active output controls.

32-bit RISC Microcontrollers

The Toshiba families extend to the 32-bit performance level. Toshiba TX19 32-bit MIPS-based RISC microcontrollers are designed for low-power battery applications and support a wide and flexible selection of peripheral circuits.

In addition to standard serial I/O, timers, A to D converters, and watchdog timers, some members of the Toshiba line include LCD drivers, color LCD controllers, and USB interfaces. Should additional processor performance be required, the Toshiba TX System RISC product line offers 64-bit performance.

NANO FLASH™ Technology

Toshiba 32-bit microcontrollers come equipped with Toshiba NANO FLASH™ memory, a new technology for embedded flash microcontrollers that combines the best attributes of a NAND flash cell and a NOR peripheral circuit to create high-density embedded memory with ultra-low power consumption.

Embedded NOR flash technologies generally require substantially more power than the corresponding mask ROM technology. Since battery life is affected by the current consumption of the device, this power drain prevents effective use of NOR flash technology as a new-product launch vehicle or to replace mask ROM with the NOR flash equivalent in production. The NANO FLASH™ memory can be programmed at high speeds of up to 2 sec write/erase cycle for 512 KB.

Toshiba ARM-based Microcontrollers

Toshiba offers an extensive and rapidly growing line of microcontrollers  that includes the Toshiba TX03 Series of products based on the ARM® Cortex® -M3 processing core and the Toshiba TX09 Series of products based on the ARM926EJ-S™ processor. These products are ideally suited for consumer electronics, advanced audio, industrial control, and factory automation, field oriented motor control and small appliance motor/IGBT control.

Stepping Motor Driver and Bridge Driver for Printers, Vending Machines, gaming Machines and Small Appliances

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This product uses SuperFlash® technology licensed from Silicon Storage Technology, Inc.   SuperFlash® is a registered trademark of Silicon Storage Technology, Inc.