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LED Drivers

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Toshiba offers LED display drivers and LED backlight/lighting drivers for a wide range of applications.

The Toshiba LED display drivers embody innovative, proprietary solutions and are designed to drive large, full-color LED panels and support features such as very high-speed 8-16 channels with up to 16-bit of PWM grey scale adjustment, open circuit detection (OCD) and output short-circuit detection (OSD), which communicates status to the controller through a serial interface.

Toshiba LED Backlight Drivers are ideal for various sizes of LCD backlight applications such as smartphones, tablet computers, monitors and TVs. These drivers feature high efficiency with low-power consumption in small and thermally enhanced packages and comprehensive security features. Most of the LED backlight drivers can also be used in 2W to 60W DC-DC LED lighting applications.


LED Display Drivers

Full-color LED panels for billboard and signage

  • Open circuit detection
  • Output short-circuit detection
  • Cascading of multiple drivers to control larger LED arrays
  • CMOS or by BICMOS process
  • 3-, 8-, 16- and 24-channel versions with up to 16-bit PWM grey scale adjustment

LED Backlight Drivers

LCD backlight, DC-to-DC LED Lighting

  • Single to multiple strings
  • 40V to 60V output
  • 30mA to 1,200mA
  • High efficiency
  • Small package size
  • Developed using BiCD process
product highlight
TC62D722/TC62D723 – 16 Channel LED Driver with 16-bit PWM Dimming & 8-bit Gain Control
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Toshiba TC62D722/TC62D723 Display driver
The Toshiba TC62D722/TC62D723 Display driver is a 16 channel LED driver with 16-bit PWM dimming and 8-bit gain control
  • LED billboard (high-speed LED control of sub-pixel images)
  • LED signage (low-speed LED control for in illuminating signs)
  • Special-purpose LED lighting (aquarium lighting, indoor plant lighting, and etc.)
  • LED mood lighting
  • LED backlight with local dimming (dynamic backlight allows LCD to achieve superb contrast ratio, power savings, and blur-free image for high-end film studio monitor, medical x-ray monitor and graphic design grade monitor, and etc.)
  • 0.13 nm analog process enables this device to achieve world-class integrated MOSFET on-resistance (Ron) per unit area performance and significantly shrink the silicon geometry.
  • Highly efficient, compact and cost competitive to comparable products in the industry.
  • High current (90mA) driving capability (40-80mA).
  • 16-bit PWM dimming provides maximum gray scale level adjustment for each channel independently as well as 8-bit peak current adjustment for all channels.
  • PWM dimming level can be extremely low (as short as 25ns pulse).
  • Divisional PWM output function repeats PWM dimming 128 times within a dimming cycle providing flicker free images at very low duty cycles.
  • TC62D723 offers smallest QFN24 4x4mm2  over competition’s QFN24 5x5mm2 counterpart
  • Available stand-by-mode: Extremely low-power consumption (less than 1uA as the quiescent consumption current)
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TC62D722/TC62D723 Block Diagram
Block Diagram
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