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LED Solid-State Lighting

Toshiba's Optimum Solutions for Solid-state Lighting Applications

Toshiba offers a wide range of components for solid-state lighting applications including high efficiency AC/DC and DC/DC LED drivers, power factor correction ICs, LEDs

and power MOSFETs. Multiple applications are supported including downlighting, street/traffic lighting, industrial lighting and battery-operated lighting applications.

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LED Driver Applications Guide
LED Drivers Description Application
Battery operable, compact step-up type DC/DC converters for constant current driving of White LEDs Solar-powered Outdoor Flood Lights, Portable Lanterns, Portable Device LCD Backlight
TB62754AFNG High-efficiency,
step-up type DC/DC controller
Indoor Plant Lighting, Traffic Lighting,
RGB LEDs, Aquarium Lighting,
General-purpose DC/DC LED Lighting
TB62758FTG Highest integration, medium-power
LED driver
Portable Lanterns  and Outdoor Flood Lighting
TB62763AFG Battery operable,  high efficiency, step-up type DC/DC converter for constant current driving of White LEDs Solar-powered Outdoor Flood Lights, Portable Lanterns, Scanner Light Source
TB62771FTG High-integration, high-power LED
Street Lighting, Area Lighting, Indoor Plant Lighting, LED TV Backlighting, Visible Light Communication Lighting
TB62D901FNG AC/DC offline operable high-power LED driver LED Down Lighting, LED Street Lighting, Industrial Lighting
TB62D701FTG/FNG Highest integration, high-power LED Driver with DC/DC Step-Up Controller Street Lighting, Area Lighting, Mood Lighting, Indoor Plant Lighting, UV-less Aquarium Lighting, LED Projector, LED TV Backlighting, Visible Light Communication Lighting

Power Correction ICs Application Guide
Power correction ICs significantly simplify implementation of the power factor correction (PFC) needed to reduce harmonic distortion of supply currents in AC/DC-powered applications.
Power Correction ICs Description Application
TB6818FG Continuous conduction mode PFC IC High-end battery chargers and large LCD and PDP televisions with power supply requirements above 200W.
TB6819FG Critical conduction mode PFC IC LED or CFL lightings and AC adaptors, which are typically below the 200W requirement.