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Battery Charger ICs

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Driven by power hungry smartphones and other portable devices, Toshiba has launched a line of battery charger ICs that speed up and ease the charging process.

TB6865FG Power Transmitter and TB6860WBG Receiver For Wireless Charging

Toshiba's new TB6865FG Power Transmitter and TB6860WBG Receiver chipset is fully compliant with the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) Q1 interface specification, a global charging standard. The chip- set puts an end to cable chaos and enables free positioning wireless charging of mobile phones and other portable, battery-powered devices.

TC7710WBG 2.0A USB Ready Li-ion Battery Charger IC for Fast Charging of Portable Devices

Faster charging is now made possible with the Toshiba TC7710WBG 2.0A USB ready Li-Ion battery charger IC. It has a fast charging current up to 2.0A for charging programmable lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries found in portable devices. Its efficient switching regulator core maximizes power efficiency, passive component sizes and thermal management for heat dissipation.