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ApP Lite™
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With a push to connect everything to the internet, Toshiba ApP Lite processors not only enable raw data such as images and audio to be fed to the cloud, but also carry out high-performance signal processing using popular ARM® Cortex® processors. The products integrate crucial features like NAND Flash memory, high-speed wireless LAN or Bluetooth® Low Energy wireless communications, sensors, a graphics engine, I/O and other functions in a compact package. Applications consist of wearable devices, digital signage, OTT tuners, IP media boxes, thin clients and more.

The ApP Lite Product Line Application
Now sampling
Wearable devices, such as activity monitors, smart watches, bracelet and glasses type devices
Now sampling
OTT tuners, IP media box, wearable devices, digital signage equipment, thin client devices, etc.


TZ1000 Key Features

chipset Its integrated design combines wireless communication, a sensor, memory and a processor in a single chip contributing to smaller and more compact systems.

  • For easy connection to external sensors, ADCs convert analog signals, such as pulse wave and electrocardiogram (ECG), into digital data and deliver it to the internal processor.
  • High-performance ARM Cortex-M4F with DSP and floating point processing unit allows combination of data from multiple sensors, both internal and external, to improve accuracy.
  • Integrates Bluetooth Low Energy wireless controller and RF circuit for transfer of raw and processed data to external equipment, such as smartphones and tablets.
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TZ5000 Key Features
  • The TZ5000 series achieves broadband connection by incorporating an IEEE802.11ac baseband engine, CPU, and memory into a single package.
  • Multi-chip package 32Gbit NAND flash memory and a dedicated memory controller are incorporated into the package for fast booting of the operating system, and high speed data access. It increases security by reducing falsification of data or hacking attacks because the program area is built into the package.
  • TZ5000 Starter Kit announced that offers two versions:  The first version is a board with a range of I/O and the second version is a media stick for media streaming devices.  The stick enables transmission of audio, video and other media over the internet or media streaming.
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