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As a leading provider of semiconductor solutions to the automotive industry, Toshiba products enable the automobile to become an integral part of the owner's digital world. Combining dedicated automotive expertise with Toshiba consumer and networking knowledge creates advance, leading-edge solutions that meet the needs of worldwide automobile manufacturers.

Through engineering innovation, new products are being developed and deployed in the automotive sectors of HEV/EV, entertainment/information, and safety/driving assistance. In each sector, solutions are offered that deliver the highest levels of integration, increased functionality and proven quality.

Toshiba TMPV7608XBG

The TMPV7608XBG expands the Toshiba line of image recognition processors for the automotive market.

Featured Products
  • The TB9101FNG and TB9102FNG small-size brushed DC motor drivers are designed for in-vehicle brushed DC motor applications. The devices are fabricated in a fine pitch BiCD process and offer low ON resistance to support the power requirements of small motors used in the electronic systems of new automobiles.
  • The TB9141FG and TMPM358FDTFG Li-ion battery monitor chipset, which detects battery levels, performs cell balancing (equalizes battery levels) and detects abnormal battery status for electronic and hybrid electric vehicles.
  • The powerful Visconti™ Series image recognition processor ICs, are used in camera-based vision systems for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).