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Motor Controller and Driver ICs
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MCD Chips are Reusable from Project to Project

MCD ChipToshiba is the world's 5th largest semiconductor company1 and a leading, worldwide supplier of motor driver and motor controller technology to the industry's top companies in office automation, industrial equipment, consumer and home appliance and battery-powered applications. Toshiba develops long-term, strategic relationships with its customers by providing motor driver products that are exceptionally versatile, power efficient and robust.

Toshiba develops its motor controller and driver ICs in its leading-edge BiCMOS and BiCD (Bipolar+CMOS+DMOS) processes. The BiCD process combines the analog advantages of bipolar devices with the digital and low-power consumption benefits of MOSFETs, as well as the high-power capabilities of DMOS devices.

New Toshiba Brushed Motor Pre-driver IC Supports Advanced Safety Capabilities for Automotive Applications

This device is developed for safety-critical automotive applications such as electric power steering (EPS) and other systems compliant with Automotive Safety Integrity Level D (ASIL D), the most rigorous measure defined with functionally safety standard ISO 26262.

Part Number



4 channels (high side: 2 channels, low side: 2 channels)

Operating Voltage Range

+5.5 to 18V


-40 to 125°C

Input signal

A sequence control and a direct control

Detection Circuits Battery under voltage detection circuit, 5V under voltage detection circuit, over temperature detection, short detection circuit
Motor Current Detection Circuits Convert from motor current to voltage and output to MCU


HTSSOP48-P-300-0.50 (12.5mm x 6.1mm x 1.2mm)

TheToshiba MCD family consists of three types:
Brushed DC Motor Driver ICs (Bridge Drivers)
  • Highly efficient driver
  • Used for switching or as an interface driver
Brushless DC Motor Controller ICs
  • Sine wave PWM
  • Contains three bi-directional drivers to drivehigh-current DC power
  • Built-in bootstrap control circuit
Stepping Motor Driver ICs
  • Low output ON resistances
  • Forward and reverse rotation control available
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Toshiba Authorized Distributors
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Arrow   Marktech Optoelectronics
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1Gartner 2012 Top 10 Worldwide Semiconductor Vendors by Revenue Estimates, April, 2013.

2As of April 8, 2013.