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ASIC 0.11μm-TC280

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The TC280 family of System-Level Integration (SLI) ASICs are designed for applications needing the highest performance with the smallest die size. The TC280 employs high-density gates, memories, I/Os and interconnect structures. This 0.11µm drawn gate length (0.13µm process geometry ASIC family is ideal for systems above 200 MHz or 5Mgates. Three library options for low power, high speed and very high speed may be mixed and matched in designs to permit optimum performance with the smallest die size and lowest power. Toshiba also offers two types of embedded DRAMs. The 250MHz SD type is targeted for high-bandwidth, large-memory block applications and the fast access FA type for SRAM replacement. These

embedded DRAM cores are based on Toshiba's production-proven trench capacitor technology, which permits mixing of logic and DRAM without degrading logic performance.

Toshiba's IP library includes a full line of MIPS RISC processor cores and application-specific cores such as 3.2G SerDes, PCI, USB, 1394, Ethernet, etc. Toshiba's MegaGateTiming-Driven Flow design methodology includes advanced wire-load models for synthesis, 3D capacitance extraction and signal integrity analysis based around commercial EDA tools to establish high-precision timing closure. Typically, this allows a design to be achieved with only a few, simple layout ECOs.