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Audio Codec

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The Toshiba TC94B24WBG Audio Codec Performs Noise/Echo Cancellation with a Single Microphone Creating Superior Voice Quality on Mobile Devices

The highly integrated TC94B24WBG one-microphone solution out performs other two or more microphone approaches and provides all of the audio inputs and outputs required by mobile and telephony products. The TC94B24WBG offers design, flexibility, performance, and cost benefits so OEMs can better address challenges associated with multiple-microphone audio processing.

  • The TC94B24WBG interfaces with the audio I/O and the main application processor in smartphones, tablets and other portable devices.
  • The TC94B24WBG comes equipped with a two analog and four digital microphone inputs, but needs just one analog microphone to efficiently provide noise and echo cancellation simultaneously.
  • The TC94B24WBG includes a high-performance, low-power general purpose programmable DSP that enables customers to implement their own software in the audio codec to help reduce development costs and differentiate end products.
  • The TC94B24WBG offers outstanding echo cancellation that is achieved with a unique algorithm using a time-domain echo cancelling adaptive filter and a frequency-domain echo suppression.
  • The TC94B24WBG delivers excellent noise cancellation that is achieved using an algorithm with statistical noise estimation and minimum mean square error (MMSE) estimator.


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