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Interface Driver ICs (TD Series/ULN Series)

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Toshiba's standard Darlington transistor arrays supply high voltage and high current outputs for common interface driver (IFD) applications, including driver circuits for stepping motors, relay switches and LED drivers. Available in popular 4-, 7- and 8-channel output configurations, our transistor arrays feature an internal clamp diode which provides optimal protection especially when switching inductive loads. All of Toshiba's standard transistor arrays are directly compatible with the popular industrial standard ULN2XXX series.

Toshiba Adds ULN Series to its Transistor Line-Up
These new ULN transistor arrays feature part numbers and markings, so you won't need to spend any more of your valuable time cross-referencing parts.

Toshiba's ULN transistor array series is designed to bridge the gap between two different voltage levels and allow the circuits to work together. They are ideal for plungers, solenoids, clutches, stepping motors, relays, printer heads and FETs in applications such as telecom line cards, vending machines, industrial controls, security systems, gaming equipment, white goods, exercise equipment, plain paper copiers and printers.

With the addition of our new ULN series, Toshiba has reconfirmed its commitment to support the transistor array market and is better positioned to meet the market's needs.

High voltage, high current Darlington drivers
Clamp diodes included for protection against switching inductive loads
Inputs compatible with various types of logic
Available in dual in-line (DIP) and surface mount (SMD) packaging