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LCD Controller

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MDDI LCD Controller Family

Toshiba offers the TC358720XBG and the TC358722XBG family of MDDI-based LCD controllers. The highly integrated, single-chip devices are suited for a new generation of advanced multimedia cell phones called smart phones, including 3G and 4G handsets. These LCD controllers are MDDI (Mobile Industry Digital Interface) compliant and support up to 400 Mbps data rate on the MDDI link. The MDDI buffer LCD controllers are designed to provide full frame buffering of VGA and WVGA resolutions using embedded DRAM technology to support a fast display refresh rate of up to 60 frames per second. Image data of up to 16 million colors and 8-bit gray scale are supported. Additional interfaces, such as MPU interfaces to the Baseband and an RGB interface to the display of different RGB formats of 8/16/18/24-bit are implemented. Moreover, traditional peripheral interfaces such as SPI and I2C are also supported.

The small 6mm x 6mm x 1mm footprint of these devices makes them ideal for space-constrained mobile applications. Image processing such as doubling, rotating, mirroring and interpolation algorithms are also featured capabilities. The Toshiba proprietary "Magiq Square Algorithm" interpolate RGB666 to pseudo RGB888 image data.

The TC358720XBG supports dual displays of VGA resolution for the main display and QCIF+ resolution for the sub-display. 8Mbit embedded DRAM provides full frame buffering for both main and sub displays. In addition, RGB formats of 8/16/18-bit are supported and the Toshiba Magiq Square Algorithm supports a pseudo 24-bit format.

The TC358722XBG supports dual displays of WVGA resolution for the main display and QCIF+ resolution for the sub-display. 10Mbit embedded DRAM provides full frame buffering for both main and sub displays. RGB formats of 8/16/18/24-bit are supported.

MMDI LCD Controller Highlights
MDDI Client Type 1-compliant LCD controllers supporting up to 400 Mbps data rate
Full frame buffering using embedded DRAM technology
Support for dual displays: VGA/WVGA for main and QCIF+ for sub
Pseudo 24-bit and full 24-bit output of up to 60 million colors
Image processing algorithms such as doubling, rotating, mirroring, and interpolation
Traditional interfaces such as MPU, SPI, I2C are supported
Toshiba Mobile Strategic Initiative

The TC358720XBG and TC358722XBG are two of the many products that are offered as part of the Toshiba Mobile Strategic Initiative, a comprehensive program designed to offer its U.S.-based mobile handset/mobile consumer device customers a product portfolio that provides faster time-to-market and helps them stay competitive. As part of this initiative, Toshiba provides local application and design-in support and access to a host of analog peripheral ICs from other Toshiba divisions and business units, including the Toshiba CMOS image sensor family, LCD drivers, memory products and LCD modules.