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Wireless Charging ICs

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New TC7765WBG 12W Wireless Power Receiver Controller IC
  • Compatible with the Qi low-power specification version 1.1 defined by the WPC.
  • Uses high-performance MOSFET for power efficiency and thermal performance.
  • Combines modulation and control circuitry with a rectifier power pick-up, I2C interface and circuit protection functions.

Toshiba TB6865FG Power Transmitter and TB6860WBG Receiver for "Free Positioning" Wireless Charging of Mobile Phones

Fully compliant with the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) Qi1 interface specification for 3.5-watt power transfer, the TB6865FG power transmitter represents the industry's first transmitter to use the WPC's Qi™ A4 transmitter technology for wireless charging and is now targeted for compliance for 5-watt power transfer.

This technology features a two-coil control architecture to enable battery charging with increased freedom to position a Qi-capable phone on the charging surface.

  • For enhanced design flexibility, the TB6865FG can manage the wireless charging of two devices simultaneously and achieves up to 74% efficiency across a majority of the charging area.
  • Toshiba's new chipset features high levels of integration to reduce component count, board space and cost in wireless charging applications.
  • The TB6865FG transmitter integrates both microcontroller and analog elements including PWM circuitry, switching control, on-board filter and a pre-driver circuit.
  • The TB6860WBG receiver combines modulation and control circuitry with a rectifier power pickup, built-in DC-DC converter and protection functions, and a programmable charging profile via I2C control.
  • The TB6860WBG integrated DC-DC converter provides for high-efficiency, high-current charging with a charge current of up to 0.95A.


1More than 125 businesses have joined the Wireless Power Consortium, formed in late 2008 to create a global charging standard called 'Qi' (pronounced "chee"). All products that implement Qi work together seamlessly, independent of manufacturer or brand.


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