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TransferJet™ Wireless Data Transfer Technology

 TransferJet Wireless Communication for the Digital Community >>> Watch the Video

 TransferJet™ Technology >>> Watch the Video

 View article >>> TransferJet Brings Wireless Connectivity Options To Mobile Devices

Using TransferJet™ technology digital content is automatically transferred as a download or streaming through close proximity or simply by touching two devices together. There is no need for complex setup, device pairing or the use of access points. Data transfer or media streaming can take place between two portable devices or between a portable device and stationary PC, peripheral or TV incorporated with TransferJet technology.

Ultra-Fast Data Transfer

Many times faster than Wi-Fi technology, TransferJet has a physical layer transmission rate of 560 Mbps with throughput of 375 Mbps.

For data transmission rate according to the quality of the wireless medium and achieving the highest possible wireless transmission. TransferJet radiates very low energy radio waves due to its close proximity wireless communications and causes virtually no interference with other wireless systems and there is no impact on performance even if other TransferJet devices are operating in the vincinity.

  • Media sharing
  • HD video streaming
  • Data transfer between mobile phones and stationary PCs, as well as between two mobile/handheld devices.
  • More applications
Safe and Secure Connection

Short transmission distance is foolproof from hacking without the need for complex security measures or setup procedures. Users can register their electronic products to enable TransferJet to recognize and connect to specific devices only, preventing unintended and unauthorized access.

NEW: Industry's Smallest1 Toshiba TJM35420XLG TransferJet-Enabled SDIO IC Module
TransferJet SDIO IC Module
  • Supports the TransferJet standard for close proximity wireless transfer technology.
  • High-integration module contains the TC35420XLG transceiver IC, RF components and crystal oscillator.
  • Super small size (4.8 x 4.8 x 1.0 mm) for portable designs.
  • Software development kit also available.

1Smallest as of 10/1/2012
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NEW: TJM35420UX/TJM35420MU TransferJet USB and microUSB Adaptors
TransferJet USB Adaptor TransferJet USB Adaptor
  • First1 USB Adaptor to support the TransferJet standard for close proximity wireless transfer.
  • Quickly add TransferJet technology to laptop computers, tablets and other devices.
  • MicroUSB can be implemented in android 4.x smartphones and tablets that have a microUSB port with USB OTG.
  • USB adaptor and microUSB adaptor integrate a TC35420 transceiver IC, filter and RF components, TransferJet coupler, crystal oscillator and USB host interface in a single device.
  • USB adaptor integrates TC35420 transceiver IC, RF components, TransferJet coupler and crystal oscillator in a single device.

1First as of 10/1/2012
Click to view more USB Adaptor information
NEW: TJM35420USG TransferJet-Enabled microSDIO Card
  • MicroSD card First1 TransferJet-enabled microSDIO card to support the TransferJet standard for close proximity wireless transfer.
  • Integrates the TC35420XLG transceiver IC, RF components, TransferJet coupler and crystal oscillator in a single microSDIO card.
  • Full support for TransferJet specification.
  • Software development kit is also available.

1First as of 10/1/2012
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Toshiba TC35420 Wireless Communication LSI
  • The TC35420 supports the TransferJet standard for close proximity wireless transfer technology.
  • This IC implements TransferJet functions with wireless, digital-signal-processing, host-interface, and memory-interface functions in a single chip using an RF-CMOS process.
  • Toshiba's cutting-edge RF-CMOS LSI technology enables incorporation of the RF circuit and RF switch for TransferJet in the wireless LSI for the first time in the industry1.
  • The LSI achieves receiving sensitivity of -78dBm, greatly surpassing the TransferJet specification2.
  • The LSI is manufactured in a 65-nanomenter process, lowering the number of external RF circuits and peripheral components, and fits into one of the industry's most compact and low profile packages making it ideal for small and lightweight digital products.

As of 11/11

2Smallest as of 11/11
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TransferJet - A Multitude of Uses
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