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Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) and Electric Vehicles (EV)

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Li-ion Battery Monitor Chipset

The TB9141FG and TMPM358FDTFG Li-ion battery monitor chipset detects battery levels, performs cell balancing (equalizes battery levels) and detects abnormal battery status.

The TB9141FG monitors up to 16-cells for automotive applications and is a key requirement for any HEV architecture. Its integrated design reduces the number of parts in a battery monitoring system contributing to the development of smaller and simpler systems. The TMPM358FDTFG microcontroller, built around the ARM®Cortex™-M3 CPU core, includes numerous peripheral functions and is compliant with safety standards (IEC61508 / ISO262621).

TB9141FG Battery Monitor IC
  • The device uses a differential configuration in a daisy chain communication and is able to communicate even in a noisy environment.
  • The TB9141FG incorporates cell balance switches for each cell and is able to measure battery voltage while cell balancing.
  • The TB9141FG uses a 96V process and realizes 16-cell li-ion battery monitoring with a single IC.
  • The TB9141FG incorporates many self-test functions for use in ISO26262-compliant systems.
TMPM358FDTFG Microcontroller
  • The TMPM358FDTFG incorporates a backup power supply for 16-bit prescale counter and 32-bit up counter. The backup power supply is also used for retaining stand-by SRAM data, which contains battery parameters.
  • ECC is incorporated for securing RAM data, including backup RAM.
  • The TMPM358FDTFG incorporates many self-test functions for use in ISO26262 compliant systems.
  • Software libraries will be developed under the ISO26262 certified software development process.
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1Toshiba obtained ISO26262 certification for functional safety of software development process for automotive applications on March, 2012.
ARM and Cortex are trademarks or registered trademarks of ARM Limited in the EU and elsewhere.