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USB Flash Drives

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Toshiba TransMemory USB Drives

Back Up and Transport Important Photos, Videos, Music and Data

Toshiba's TransMemory® family of USB 2.0 and 3.0 Flash drives offers a convenient way to store and transport photos, videos, music, and other important files on the go. Toshiba makes it easy to transfer digital content between devices so you can share it quickly and easily. The TransMemory family of USB Flash drives work with devices that have a host USB port, and include Windows ReadyBoost™ functionality, which enables users to boost system responsiveness of PCs running the Windows Vista™ operating system by using USB memory as external system memory.

From a lightning-fast, high capacity drive to a lower cost alternative or the smallest mini USB available - the TransMemory family has something for everyone. Toshiba delivers fast transfer speeds, secure data protection, and enough capacity to store important personal files.

For more information, visit When Technology Moves, Toshiba Moves.

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