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Multi-Chip Package (MCP)

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Single-Package MCPs Save Space and Simplify Layout

ParliamentToday's mobile devices, such as smart phones, require advanced functionality for storing and playing videos, music, games and a variety of other applications. Now more than ever, large amounts of data need to be processed - faster. Mobile devices today require high performance, low power, and space saving storage solutions.

Toshiba has the answer: multi-chip packages (MCP) are the ideal solution for these requirements, incorporating e-MMC™ and Low Power DDR2 (LPDDR2) memory in a single package to save space, enable large data storage, and support high speed performance. Toshiba's MCPs support a variety of e-MMC and Low Power DDR2 densities within a common 11.5x13, 162 ball package.

For more information, visit When Technology Moves, Toshiba Moves.

e-MMC is a trademark of the MultiMediaCard Association. All other trademarks and tradenames held within are the properties of their respective holders.

For additional information on Toshiba's MCP solutions, please contact your local Toshiba Sales Representative.