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32-bit Microcontrollers Based on ARM® Processor Cores  - News
Date Title
06/27/13 New Toshiba Microcontroller Offers Largest On-Chip SRAM In Its Class
05/28/13 Toshiba Expands TX03 Microcontroller Family With New Energy-Efficient, Cost-Effective, Small-Footprint Device
05/29/12 The First ARM Cortex®-M0 Microcontroller Optimized For Smart Meters
07/13/11 Toshiba Announces New Microcontrollers For Electronic Control Units In Automotive Applications
04/26/10 Toshiba Launches 32-Bit Microcontroller For Analog Circuit Control In Industrial And Appliance Applications
10/21/09 Toshiba Drives Power-Efficient Appliance Design With New Dual-Motor, ARM Technology-Based Microcontroller
10/07/08 Toshiba Launches Its First ARM® Cortex-M3™
02/26/08 Toshiba Launches New 32-Bit Microcontroller With ARM926EJ-S Processor
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