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Date Title
01/06/15 Toshiba Rolls Out Reference Design for Control of Server and Data Center Cooling Fans
08/18/14 Toshiba Dual-Core Microcontroller Enables Secure Energy Calculation, Sensing And Communications
06/27/13 New Toshiba Microcontroller Offers Largest On-Chip SRAM In Its Class
05/28/13 Toshiba Expands TX03 Microcontroller Family With New Energy-Efficient, Cost-Effective, Small-Footprint Device
05/29/12 The First ARM Cortex®-M0 Microcontroller Optimized For Smart Meters
07/13/11 Toshiba Announces New Microcontrollers For Electronic Control Units In Automotive Applications
04/26/10 Toshiba Launches 32-Bit Microcontroller For Analog Circuit Control In Industrial And Appliance Applications
10/21/09 Toshiba Drives Power-Efficient Appliance Design With New Dual-Motor, ARM Technology-Based Microcontroller
10/07/08 Toshiba Launches Its First ARM® Cortex-M3™
02/26/08 Toshiba Launches New 32-Bit Microcontroller With ARM926EJ-S Processor
01/22/07 Toshiba Launches First Microcontroller Based On New 8-Bit CPU Core
10/09/06 Toshiba Expands Embedded Flash Microcontroller Product Line; Introducing Toshiba's First 32-Bit SuperFlash-Based Microcontroller For Audio Control With On-Board USB Host Controller
10/04/06 Toshiba Expands Embedded Flash Microcontroller Product Line With New 16-Bit And 32-Bit Devices; Introducing Toshiba's First 16- Bit Superflash-Based Microcontroller With On-Board LCD Controller
10/04/06 Toshiba Introduces New Low-Cost Development Tool For Its TLCS-870/C Series 8-Bit Microcontrollers
09/06/06 Toshiba Develops New 8-Bit Core With High-Speed Processing And Large-Capacity Address Space For Next-Generation Microcontrollers
04/03/06 Toshiba Broadens Embedded Flash Microcontroller Product Line With New 16-Bit And 8-Bit Microcontrollers
04/03/06 Toshiba Announces Availability Of 32 Bit CISC Microcontroller With Industry's Highest Performance And Lowest Power Consumption
03/07/05 Toshiba Announces Development Of NANO FLASH Technology, Launches First NANO Flash-Based Embedded Product, A 32-Bit MIPS RISC Microcontroller
04/20/04 New 32-Bit RISC MCU Family From Toshiba Provides Energy-Efficient Vector Drive And Application Control For Large Household Appliances
04/07/04 New 8-Bit Embedded Flash Microcontroller From Toshiba Controls Large Household Appliances
09/29/03 SST And Toshiba Sign Licensing Agreement For Embedded Flash Microcontrollers
04/22/03 Toshiba ASSP Business Unit Shares Platform Strategy, Unveils Key New Products
04/22/03 New 32-Bit RISC MPU From Toshiba Incorporates One Megabyte Of Mask ROM Or Flash Memory Plus 40 Kilobytes Of RAM
02/18/03 New Series Of 8-Bit Microcontrollers From Toshiba Incorporate Built-In Flash Memory
08/19/02 New CISC 32-Bit Microprocessor from Toshiba Combines Integrated Color LCD, USB and NAND Flash Memory Controllers and Attains World's Lowest Power Consumption
07/23/01 Toshiba Has First Microcontroller With SD Memory Card Controller
08/22/00 Toshiba Joins emWare's Extend The Internet Alliance
08/01/00 Toshiba Embedded MIPS CPU CORE Enables LEICA'S Global Positioning Product
07/17/00 Toshiba Announces Web-Based Access To CISC Microcontroller Development Tool Software Updates
04/11/00 Toshiba Announces EEMBC Benchmark Scores For Its Embedded Microprocessors
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