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02/12/15 Toshiba Motor Control Pre-Driver IC Enables Quiet, Low-Power Operation Of Cooling Fans In Data Servers And Home Appliances
10/07/14 Toshiba Motor Driver ICs Support Reduced Motor Noise, Vibration And Size To Help Optimize Home And Business Equipment Performance
07/30/14 Toshiba Motor Driver ICs Save Space And Simplify Design For Low-Power Or High-Performance Applications
07/23/14 Toshiba Brushed Motor Pre-Driver IC Supports Advanced Safety Capabilitites For Automotive Applications
12/02/13 New Toshiba Small-Size DC Motor Driver ICs Reduce Power Consumption In Automotive Applications
08/26/13 New Toshiba 2-Channel Brushed DC Motor Driver IC Supports High Voltages And Currents Required By Industrial And Office Automation Equipment Under Continuous Operation
07/31/13 New Toshiba Three-Phase Brushless Motor Driver IC Packs High Efficiency In Small Package
04/08/13 New Toshiba Stepping Motor Control Drivers Combine High Voltage, High Current, And High Efficiency For A Variety Of Applications
11/05/07 Toshiba Expands Motor Controller Offering With Three New Devices
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