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Transistors (Bipolar/MOSFETs/IGBTs) - News
Date Title
03/19/14 Toshiba Launches 600V Super Junction MOSFET DTMOS IV-H Series at APEC 2014
05/23/13 Toshiba Introduces Low RDS(ON) P-ch MOSFETs for Mobile Devices
03/18/13 Toshiba Debuts 600V Super Junction MOSFET DTMOS IV High Speed Diode Series at APEC 2013
02/22/10 First DC-DC Converter MOSFETs Using Toshiba Seventh Generation High Speed Process Achieve Lower Resistance And Gate Charge
11/11/09 Toshiba Adds Low On-Resistance, Fast Switching 30V MOSFETs For DC-DC Conversion In Compact, High-Current, TSON Advance Package
08/26/09 Toshiba Adds Low On-State Resistance MOSFETs In Compact, High-Current 3.3mm x 3.3mm TSON Package
03/25/09 Toshiba Adds Low On-State Resistance MOSFETs For Secondary Stage Of Switched Mode Power Supplies
02/25/09 Toshiba Adds 40V, 60V And 80V MOSFETs For Isolated DC-DC Bus Converters Using Sixth Generation High Speed Process For High Power Efficiency
01/20/09 Toshiba Adds Family Of High-Voltage Power MOSFETs Using Advanced-MOS VII Process Technology For AC/DC And Ballast Applications
11/10/08 Toshiba Expands MOSFET Lineup With DC-DC Converters Using Sixth Generation High Speed Process For Higher Power Efficiency
10/28/08 Toshiba Expands High-Efficiency UMOS V-H MOSBD Lineup For DC-DC Converter "FETKEY" Applications
09/10/08 Toshiba Monolithic DC-DC Step-Down Converters With 1 Amp Output Current Offer Low Enable Threshold Voltage And 95% Efficiency
09/03/08 Toshiba DTMOS II Family Of 600V Power MOSFETs Use Superjunction Structure to Increase Power Efficiency
08/26/08 Toshiba Adds Five DC-DC Converter MOSFETs For High Power Efficiency Computing, Communications And Consumer Electronics Applications
02/27/08 Toshiba Announces Low Voltage, Low Resistance Power MOSFETs For Notebook PC Battery Protection Circuit Module Applications
02/26/08 Toshiba Announces Series Of High Voltage Single Chip Inverters For Brushless Motor Applications In Energy Saving Appliances
02/26/08 Two New Monolithic DC-DC Converters From Toshiba Improve Power Efficiency In Step-Down Converter Applications
02/25/08 Toshiba Announces First MOSFETs In Higher Efficiency, Sixth-Generation High Speed Process For DC-DC Converters
02/19/08 Toshiba 35A Synchronous Step-Down Converter Multi-Chip Module For DC-DC Converters
01/23/08 Toshiba Adds Fast, Low Resistance MOSBD(tm) Single Die Mosfet
01/14/08 Toshiba Adds High Efficiency, 35A DrMOS-Compatible Multi-Chip Module For DC-DC Converters In Servers
10/15/07 Toshiba Expands UMOS V-H Series High-Efficiency Switching MOSFETs For Synchronous DC-DC Converters
02/26/07 Toshiba Announces High-Efficiency Switching MOSFETS For Synchronous DC-DC Converters
02/22/07 Toshiba Small Signal MOSFETS For High-Speed Switching In Portable Electronics Achieve Low On-Resistance And Capacitance
10/17/06 Toshiba Announces High Voltage Three-Phase Motor Drivers With Built-In Power Management Circuits For Energy-Saving In Appliance And Machinery Applications
08/08/06 Toshiba Adds 100V Power MOSFET For Primary Switching Of Insulated On-Board DC-DC Converters
09/20/05 Toshiba Announces New High Efficiency, Space Saving Multi-Chip Module For DC-DC Converters
06/06/05 Toshiba Introduces L-Flat Rectifier Diode Packaging Designed To Save Space In Electronic Equipment
03/22/05 Toshiba Announces High Voltage DTMOS Power MOSFET Using A Super Junction Structure To Reduce Power Consumption
12/08/04 Toshiba Expands Family Of SOP Advance Mosfets With 8 New Lead-Free Finish Devices For Greater Power Efficiencey
12/08/04 Toshiba Announces Expansion Of Power Mosfet Packaging Solution With Smaller, Thinner TSSOP Advance Package With Lead-Free Finish
07/29/04 Toshiba Unveils New Smart Thin Package For Power MOSFETs With Industry's Smallest Mount Area Per Milliohm Of On-Resistance
06/17/04 Toshiba To Transfer Part Of Power Semiconductor Business To Mitsubishi Electric
11/04/03 Toshiba Introduces New Family of Power MOSFETs With Advanced Process Technology To Enable Faster Switching Speeds
11/04/03 Toshiba Introduces New PS-8 Lead-Free Ultra-Thin Package For MOSFETS And Low Saturation Bi-Polar Transistors
06/02/03 Toshiba Announces Industry's First Single Die MOSFET And Schottky Barrier Diode For DC/DC Converters
05/19/03 Toshiba Announces Mosfets Using New Ultra High Speed Process And Revolutionary Bonding Technology For Improved Power Efficiency
12/02/02 Toshiba Announces Slim TFP MOSFET Packages for High Component Density Power Designs
11/12/02 Toshiba Unveils Extensive Bipolar Power Transistor Family With Ultra-Low Saturation Voltage To Reduce Power Consumption In Portable Electronics Devices
06/10/02 Toshiba Expands MOSFET Packaging Line Up with the Addition of a Smaller, Thinner and Lighter 8-Pin Solution
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