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Optical Semiconductor Devices - News
Date Title
01/14/15 Toshiba Expands Range of Ultra-Small Photorelays in Industry's Smallest Packages
11/26/14 Toshiba Introduces New Low-Height Transistor Output Photocoupler
09/17/14 Toshiba Adds High-Performance, Ultra-Compact White LEDs in a 3535 Package
05/20/14 Toshiba Debuts New Smart Gate Driver Photocoupler with Embedded Protection Features
04/29/14 New High-Current Photorelay from Toshiba Suited for Testing, Control Applications
04/03/14 Toshiba Extends TOSLINK Family with New Fiber Optical Transmission Modules
02/11/14 Toshiba Introduces New Family of Low Input Current-Type Transistor Output Photocouplers
06/18/13 New 20kbps to 100kbps Communication Photocouplers from Toshiba Lower Costs, Power Consumption
03/12/13 Toshiba Adds Triac Output Photocouplers to Product Lineup
02/12/13 Toshiba Launches New IGBT/MOSFET Gate Drive Coupler
12/14/12 Toshiba to Start Sales of White LED Packages
11/27/12 Toshiba Debuts New Line of SDIP6 Photocouplers
11/15/12 Toshiba Introduces New Line of Photocouplers
05/05/11 Toshiba Introduces New High Luminous Flux White LEDs
06/08/09 Toshiba Expands PLCC-2 High-Brightness White LED Line With Warm White Offerings
04/08/09 Toshiba Announces Space-Saving Dual Channel IC-Couplers
03/03/09 Toshiba Announces Low Profile, Reinforced Insulation Photocouplers
11/12/08 Toshiba Announces 800V Zero-Cross Triac Photocouplers For Home Appliances, Office Equipment And Solid State Relays
08/05/08 Toshiba Announces New Photo-IC Ambient Light Sensor For Consumer Electronics And Computer Displays
07/08/08 Toshiba Introduces High Power, High Flux 90 Lumen White LED
06/03/08 Toshiba Announces Space-Saving 6-Pin Photocoupler Optimally Suited For Direct Gate Driving Of IGBTs And Power MOSFETs
04/29/08 Toshiba Announces New General Purpose Transistor Photocouplers
09/05/07 Toshiba Announces High Flux Surface Mount White LED As Low Power Alternative To Conventional Lighting
08/07/07 Toshiba Expands LED Product Line With Compact New Generation White LEDs That Are Twice As Bright
06/11/07 New Toshiba 50MBd High Speed Photocoupler Is The Fastest Yet In The Company's Lineup
05/14/07 Toshiba Expands Optocoupler Lineup With Its First 3.3V, 20MBd IC Photocoupler
05/22/06 Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. Names Tokuhiro Matsuda As Vice President, Business Development Of Discrete Business Unit
03/29/05 Toshiba Commercializes High Luminous Flux White Light LEDS For Alternative Lighting Solution
11/03/04 Toshiba Announces World's Smallest Safety-Standard Compliant Photocoupler
08/09/04 Toshiba Introduces New Line-Up Of High-Speed Photorelays For Test And Measurement Instruments
07/28/04 Toshiba Introduces New Line Of Ultra-Small Photo-Interrupters For Consumer Electronics And Office Equipment Applications
07/07/04 Toshiba Introduces High-Speed, High-Gain Photocoupler For Intelligent Power Modules And Industrial Inverters
11/04/03 Toshiba Expands Family Of Ultra-Low Power Photocouplers With Introduction Of High Output Current Device
11/04/03 Toshiba Announces New Photocoupler Devices Featuring The Industry's Smallest Package
11/04/03 Toshiba Introduces High Output Current Photorelays With Ultra-Low On Resistances
11/04/03 Toshiba Announces Miniaturized, High-Isolation Triac Photocouplers For Home Appliance And Programmable Controller Applications
05/14/03 Toshiba Extends High Luminosity White LED Offering With Addition Of Bluish Green And Purple LEDs
04/21/03 Toshiba's White LED Selected As Recipient Of The 2002 Photonics Circle Of Excellence Award
02/20/03 Toshiba Adds High-Speed Transmitter/Receiver For Automotive Lan To Its TOSLINK Family Of Fiber Optic Devices
08/19/02 Toshiba Introduces Family Of Photo IC Illumination Sensors For Mobile Applications
05/14/02 Toshiba Announces the Industry's Lowest Power Consumption Photocoupler
04/17/02 Toshiba Introduces New Line of Photorelays Offering Fast Switching Speed, High Reliability, Low-Power Consumption and Noise-Free Operation in a Space Saving Pac
04/04/02 Toshiba Adds High Data Rate Optical Fiberless Transmitter/Receiver
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