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06/04/13 Toshiba Expands High Power C-Band GaN HEMT Product Line to Support the SATCOM Market
06/04/13 Toshiba Adds High Gain 200W GaN HEMT Power Amplifier for C-Band RADAR Applications
06/20/12 Toshiba Introduces New High Gain, High Power X-Band GaN Hybrid IC
06/20/12 Toshiba Enhances High Gain C-Band GaAS FET Product Line With New Power Amplifiers
06/20/12 Toshiba Introduces Ka-Band High Power GaN MMIC
06/07/11 Toshiba Expands GaN HEMT Product Family with Power Amplifier for Extended Ku-Band Satcom Applications
05/25/10 Toshiba Expands C-BAND GaAs FETs Lineup With Three Power Amplifiers Optimized For High Gain
05/25/10 New Higher Power 18W and 30W GaAs FETs Extend Toshiba Ku-Band Power Amplifier Lineup For Microwave Radios
05/25/10 Toshiba Adds 4 Watt C-BAND Microwave Power MMIC For RF-Microwave Pre-Amplifier Application
05/24/10 Toshiba Adds High Gain 50W GaN HEMT Power Amplifier for C-BAND SATCOM Applications
06/09/09 Toshiba Expands C-Band GaAs FETs Lineup With Three Power Amplifiers Optimized For Power Added Efficiency
06/09/09 New High Gain, High Power Added Efficiency X And Ku-Band GaAs FETs From Toshiba For Microwave Radios And Block Up-Converters
06/09/09 Toshiba Expands GaN HEMT Product Family With Power Amplifiers For C & Ku-Band SATCOM And X-Band Industrial Applications
06/16/08 Toshiba Unveils Microwave Transistor Roadmap At IEEE MTT-S
06/16/08 Toshiba Expands GaAS FETs Lineup With Four Power Added Amplifiers Optimized For Power Efficiency
06/16/08 Toshiba Expands GaN HEMT Product Family With Power Amplifiers For Ku-Band Satcom And X-Band Radar Applications
03/24/08 Toshiba Adds VHF-To-UHF Dual-Mode Low Noise Amplifier For Portable Systems With Built-In TV Tuners
10/09/07 Toshiba Announces Gallium Nitride Power FET With World's Highest Output Power In Ku-band
06/05/07 Toshiba To Showcase C-, X- And KuBAND GaAs FETs, X-BAND GaN HEMT For Radar And Medical Applications, And RF Devices For Two-Way Radios And DTTV Tuners At MTT-S
06/05/07 Toshiba Announces X-Band GaN HEMT For Radar And Medical Applications
11/16/06 Toshiba Announces Gallium Nitiride Power Fet With World's Highest Output Power In X-Band
06/15/06 Toshiba Showcase 6GHz, 174W Gallium Nitride Power FET At MTT-S; Unveils Roadmap For GaN Microwave Devices
06/14/06 Toshiba Expands Frequency Ranges Of 9W And 30W Extended Ku-Band GaAs FET Lines For VSAT Satellite Communications
06/14/05 Toshiba Expands Ku-Band GaAs FET Line For VSAT Satellite Communications With High Power Output 9W And 30W Devices
06/14/05 Toshiba Adds New High-Gain, High-Linearity GaAs FETs For WiMAX And U-NII Fixed Wireless Access Infrastructure Equipment
11/04/04 Toshiba Announces Industry's Smallest GaAs MESFET Switch For Multi-Band/Multi-Mode Cellular, Bluetooth and WLAN Applications
06/10/03 Toshiba Expands 60-Watt C-Band GaAs FET Product Line To Provide New SSPA Market Opportunities For Satellite Communications
06/10/03 Toshiba Adds Micro Power Amplifier Module For W-CDMA 3G Cell Phones To Its Line-Up Of RF GaAs HBT Devices
06/10/03 Toshiba Announces Highest Output Power Ku-Band GaAs FET For VSAT Satellite Communication Applications
06/10/03 Toshiba Unveils Strategy For Microwave Power Devices
06/10/03 Toshiba Announces The Industry's First 90-Watt C-Band GaAs FET For Satellite Communications
02/03/03 Toshiba Achieves Industry's Lowest Noise Figure Level With High Frequency Silicon Germanium Transistors For GPS-Capable Mobile Phones And Wireless Applications
11/04/02 Toshiba Expands Silicon Germanium Transistor Line Up With Industry's Smallest Package
10/14/02 Toshiba Announces Complete RF Solution For Digital TV Tuners
06/03/02 Toshiba Expands Solutions for W-CDMA Infrastructure Market with the Introduction of a 3 Watt S-Band MMIC Drop-In Solution
06/03/02 Toshiba Announces the Industry's Highest Power Ku-Band GaAs FET for Satellite Communications
05/08/02 Toshiba Announces the Industry's First 60 Watt Extended C-Band GaAs FET for Satellite Communications
06/12/00 Toshiba Introduces S-Band GaAs MMIC Ideally Suited For Fixed Wireless Access Applications
06/12/00 Toshiba Extends Its Line-Up Of RF GaAs HBT Power Amplifiers For CDMA Applications
06/12/00 Toshiba Introduces New Line-Up Of Internally Matched C-Band Power GaAs FETs Ranging From 4W To25W
03/27/00 Toshiba Introduces Its First GaAs HBT Power Amplifier
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