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01/23/06 Toshiba Adds Multi-Protocol High-Speed SERDES I/O Core Family That Meets High Speed Requirements of Storage, Networking, Consumer and Gaming Markets
01/18/06 Hitachi, Toshiba and Renesas Agree to Establish Semiconductor Foundry Planning Company
12/05/05 Toshiba And Xilinx Agree To Pursue Joint Development Of 65nm FPGAs With A View To Extended Foundry Relationship
11/10/05 Toshiba and NEC Electronics to Collaborate on 45-Nanometer System LSI Process Technologies
10/25/05 Toshiba Licenses ARM1176JZF-S High-Performance Microprocessor
09/27/05 iStore Networks Selects Toshiba's 0.13-Micron Process Technology To Power Storage Controller For SAN Over IP
05/17/05 Toshiba Supports Sequence PowerTheater for Power Management from RTL to Signoff
11/08/04 Toshiba Licenses ARM11 Family Processor
10/19/04 HelloSoft and Toshiba Showcase VoWLAN and VoIP Phone Solution Running Two Simultaneous Channels of Voice Over A Standard Wired
10/14/04 Toshiba, Xilinx Announce Strategic Foundry Relationship, Reach 90nm/300mm Manufacturing Milestone
08/03/04 Toshiba And Hellosoft Demonstrate Low-Cost, DSP-Free VoIP Phone
06/07/04 Toshiba To Start Production Of Industry's First SOC With The X Architecture
04/27/04 Toshiba Tapes Out Multiple 90-Nanometer SoC Designs With Synopsys' Galaxy Design Platform
03/29/04 Toshiba Unveils Serial Link Cell Agreement With Rambus Targeting Backplane And Fibre Channel Applications
02/19/04 Toshiba Completes Construction of Building for 300mm Wafer Fab at Oita Operations in Kyushu
02/02/04 Toshiba Announces Production Plan for 300mm Wafer Fab at Oita Operations
01/26/04 Toshiba To Accept SOC Handoff From Magma RTL Synthesis
10/09/03 Toshiba Discloses SoCMosaic Custom Chip Hardware/Software Co-Development Strategy And Announces First Two Supported Environments, SwordFish And Seamless
09/02/03 Toshiba Licenses High-Performance ARM Core For Custom SoC Business
01/20/03 Toshiba Announces Creation Of ASIC IP Partner Program, Names Initial Partners
01/20/03 Toshiba Launches SoCMosaic Custom Chip Platform
01/13/03 Toshiba Tells Advanced SOC Strategy, Launches 90NM TC300 Family Targeted At High-Performance Applications
12/03/02 Toshiba And Sony Make Major Advances In Semiconductor Process Technologies
06/19/02 Fujitsu and Toshiba to Explore Comprehensive Collaboration in System-on-Chip Business
04/02/02 IBM, Sony, SCE and Toshiba to Jointly Develop Chip-Making Process Technology
02/05/02 Artile, Simplex and Toshiba present first application of the X Architecture as ISSCC
01/30/02 Toshiba Licenses ARM Core For Mobile Products
11/07/01 Cadence SP&R Design Technology Integrated In Toshiba ASIC Design Flow
10/25/01 Toshiba To Deploy Magma Software In Worldwide Design Centers
08/29/01 TAEC Introduces EDRAM Core With 12-Ns Access Time For SRAM Replacement; New ASIC Capability Delivers Fastest Access Time In 0.18-5M CMOS
06/14/01 Model Technology's ModelSim Achieves Mixed-Language Simulation Sign-off from Toshiba
04/02/01 Toshiba America Electronics Components Launches ArTile Microsystems To Provide Rapid System-On-A-Chip Designs
03/12/01 Toshiba And Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. To Make A Technical Alliance For 0.13 Micron Rule Semiconductor Embedded Dram Logic Process
10/19/00 Toshiba Licenses ARM946E-S Core For Telecommunication And Network Products
09/25/00 Toshiba Expands Key System IC Capabilities For High Speed Networking Applications
08/08/00 Amkor And Toshiba Form Joint Venture; First Major Assembly And Test Foundry In Japan
08/01/00 Toshiba Embedded MIPS CPU CORE Enables LEICA'S Global Positioning Product
07/03/00 Toshiba to Provide Leading-edge CMOS Process Technology and IP Cores to Korea's Dongbu
05/08/00 Toshiba Introduces The Industry's First Embedded 64-Bit MIPS CPU SLI ASIC Core
04/18/00 Toshiba To Build Advanced System IC Facility At Its Oita Plant
03/07/00 Synopsys Announces Toshiba's Worldwide Support of Its TetraMAX ATPG Tool
02/08/00 Toshiba Details World's First Single-Chip MPEG-4 Videophone LSI with Embedded 16MBIT DRAM At ISSCC
01/30/00 Fluence Technology Signs Multi-Million Dollar Deal With Toshiba For Standard Test Interface Language Software
01/24/00 Toshiba Selects Simplex Tools For Their UDSM Design Verification
01/17/00 Toshiba Uses Concurrent Design Tools To Develop SLI RISCASIC  For DirectPC  Broadcast Satellite Application
01/10/00 Toshiba SLI RISCASIC Speeds Early Market Entry For TeleCruz' Internet TV Solution
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