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01/13/15 Toshiba's 15nm e-MMC Embedded NAND Flash Memory Devices Named One of the 2014 Hot 100 Products by UBM Canon's EDN
10/01/14 Toshiba Offers World's Smallest-Class e-MMC Embedded NAND Flash Memory Products
09/09/14 Toshiba and SanDisk Celebrate the Opening of the Second Phase of Fab 5 and Start Construction of the New Fab 2 Semiconductor Fabrication Facility at Yokkaichi, Japan
04/25/14 Toshiba Starts Sample Shipments of Industry's First Embedded NAND Flash Memory Modules Compliant with UFS Ver. 2.0
04/23/14 Toshiba Starts Mass Production of World's First 15nm NAND Flash Memories
04/16/14 Toshiba Debuts World's Fastest microSD Memory Cards
02/25/14 Enterprise NAND from Toshiba Addresses Need for High Endurance, High Performance Required by Datacenters, Cloud Computing Applications
01/07/14 Toshiba Set to Introduce UFS Ver2.0 Solution in 2Q 2014
11/20/13 Toshiba's SLC NAND Packs in Error Correction to Remove Burden from Host Processors
11/13/13 Toshiba Expands Line-Up of FlashAir™, the SDHC Memory Card with Embedded Wireless LAN Communications
11/05/13 Toshiba Ushers in UFS, Compares and Contrasts to e-MMC
10/30/13 Toshiba Launches New Embedded NAND Flash Memory Modules Featuring 19nm Second Generation Process Technology
10/30/13 Toshiba Launches New Embedded NAND Flash Memory Modules Featuring 19nm Second Generation Process Technology
08/23/13 Toshiba Starts Second Phase Construction of No. 5 Semiconductor Fabrication Facility at Yokkaichi
07/16/13 Toshiba Unveils New SD Memory Cards Offering World-Fastest Write Speed
05/20/13 Toshiba to Start Mass Production of Next Generation NAND Flash Memory
02/25/13 Toshiba Launches microSDHC Memory Cards for HD Content Viewing
02/07/13 Toshiba Ships Samples of Industry's First Universal Flash Storage Devices
11/14/12 Toshiba's NAND Flash Deprivation Experiments - The Results Are In
10/10/12 Toshiba's NAND Flash Deprivation Experiment Looks at the Changing Face of Photography
09/05/12 Toshiba Expands High-Performance Memory Card Family with First microSDHC™ UHS-I EXCERIA Products
08/08/12 Toshiba's NAND Flash Deprivation Experiment Enters the Front Office
07/10/12 25 Years of Adoption - What's Next for NAND Flash Technology?
06/21/12 Exploring The Impact Of Toshiba's NAND Flash: Unleashing The Mobility Of Content
05/01/12 Toshiba Asks: What Would You Do Without NAND Flash Technology?
04/03/12 Toshiba Marks 25th Anniversary of Invention of NAND Flash Technology
03/14/12 Toshiba Launches SDHC Memory Cards with World's Fastest Transfer Rates
02/23/12 Toshiba Develops, Manufactures 19nm Generation NAND Flash Memory With World's Largest Density And Smallest Die Size
01/09/12 Toshiba Introduces Super Speed USB 3.0-Compliant USB Flash Memory
01/05/12 Toshiba NAND Solutions Address Growing Demand for Error Correction
07/27/11 New Embedded NAND Flash Memory Devices from Toshiba Feature Toggle-Mode DDR NAND for Improved Performance
07/12/11 Toshiba and SanDisk Celebrate the Opening of Fab 5 300mm NAND Flash Memory Fabrication Facility in Japan
04/21/11 Toshiba Launches 19nm Process NAND Flash Memory
04/05/11 Toshiba Debuts SmartNAND, Latest Addition to NAND Flash Portfolio
01/06/11 SD Memory Cards And Solid State Drives From Toshiba Enable Solid Performance For Consumer
11/08/10 Toshiba Introduces High Performance Blade-Type SSD Modules With Capacities Up To 256GB
09/02/10 Toshiba To Launch The World's Fastest SDHC Memory Card
08/31/10 Toshiba Launches 24nm Process NAND Flash Memory
08/11/10 Toshiba Introduces Double Data Rate Toggle Mode NAND In MLC And SLC Configurations
06/16/10 Toshiba Launches Industry's Largest Embedded NAND Flash Memory Modules
06/08/10 Toshiba Announces "eMMC-Based Memory Architectures" Webcast
01/06/10 Two Families Of 32nm SSDs From Toshiba Deliver Solid Performance For Mini-Mobile PCs, High-End Notebooks, Gaming And Home Entertainment
12/14/09 Toshiba Launches Highest Density Embedded NAND Flash Memory Devices
09/21/09 Toshiba Adds 32nm mSATA And Half-Slim Solid State Drive Modules
08/25/09 Toshiba Webcast "Why The Solid State Drive Market Is Poised For Growth" Presented By Denali Software
08/05/09 Toshiba Announces Shipments Of 43nm MLC NAND Solid State Drives To Major PC OEMS
08/03/09 Toshiba To Launch World's First 64GB SDXC Card
04/27/09 Toshiba To Launch World's First 32nm Process NAND Flash Memory
04/09/09 Toshiba 43nm NAND Flash Selected As The Most Innovative Non-Volatile Memory By Semiconductor Insights
02/10/09 Toshiba Makes Major Advances In NAND Flash Memory With 3-Bit-Per-Cell 32nm Generation And With 4-Bit-Per-Cell 43nm Technology
02/08/09 Toshiba Develops World's Highest-Bandwidth, Highest Density Non-Volatile RAM
01/08/09 Toshiba Announces SAS Inerface Solid State Drive For Servers
12/18/08 Toshiba Launches Industry's First 512GB Solid State Drive And Next Generation SSD Family Using 43nm MLC NAND
11/26/08 Toshiba To Launch 16GB microSDHC
10/28/08 Toshiba To Launch 43nm SLC NAND Flash Memory
09/25/08 Toshiba Launches 256GB Solid State Drives With MLC
08/07/08 Toshiba Launches Largest Density Embedded NAND Flash Memory Devices
04/01/08 Toshiba Offers A Wide Range Of Embedded And Removable Memory To Address Growing Use Of NAND Flash In Mobile Handsets
03/18/08 Toshiba Begins Mass Production Of MLC NAND Solid State Drives
02/07/08 Toshiba Develops 16-Gigabit NAND Flash Memory With 43-Nanometer CMOS Process Technology
12/12/07 Toshiba Develops Basic Technology For World's Smallest Flash Memory Element In 10nm Generation
12/10/07 Toshiba Launches High Performance Solid State Drives With MLC NAND Flash Memory
12/03/07 Samsung and Toshiba to Share Specifications for Premium NAND Flash Memory to Increase Supplier and Procurement Flexibility
09/12/07 Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. Names Scott Nelson As Vice President Marketing For Memory Business Unit
09/04/07 Toshiba and SanDisk Inaugurate New 300mm Wafer Fab 4 for NAND Flash Memory At Yokkaichi Operations
08/21/07 Toshiba Adds New 32GB And 16GB High Density SDHC Cards And 8GB microSDHC Card To Extensive Memory Card Line-Up
07/25/07 Toshiba Expands Transmemory™ USB Flash Memory Line-Up With Readyboost™ Capability For External Windows Vista™ Memory
06/27/07 Toshiba Adds 4GB microSDHC Card To Extensive Memory Card Line-Up
06/20/07 New Toshiba mobileLBA-NAND Memory Chips For Mobile Phones Support Both SLC And MLC Memory Areas
04/17/07 Toshiba Commercializes Industry's Highest Capacity Embedded NAND Flash Memory For Mobile Consumer Products
02/07/07 Toshiba Launches Package-On-Package Memory Components For Cellular Handsets
01/23/07 Toshiba To Ship 56-Nanometer NAND Flash Memories
01/08/07 Toshiba Outlines Four-Pronged Strategy For Addressing The Embedded Nand Flash Market
01/08/07 Toshiba Adds GB NAND™ Flash With Controller For Embedded Storage Applications
01/05/07 Toshiba Adds New High Performance SDHC Cards and High Capacity microSD Card to Extensive Memory Card Line-up
11/20/06 Toshiba Introduces Highest Capacity Class 4 SDHC Memory Card To World Market
08/29/06 Toshiba To Launch New U3 Smart USB Flash Drive Series
08/24/06 Toshiba To Launch Ultra High-Speed SD Card Series In Global Market
08/04/06 Toshiba and SanDisk Mark Construction Start of 300mm Wafer Fab for NAND Flash Memory at Yokkaichi Operations
08/02/06 Toshiba Develops LBA-NAND. Flash Memory With Logical Block Addressing For Embedded Applications
06/28/06 Toshiba Expands SD Card Family With Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) Memory Cards
06/28/06 Toshiba Announces New microSD Memory Card Family
06/14/06 Toshiba's New Gigabyte Multichip Package (GB MCP) Integrates Gigabyte Class NAND Flash Memory With SD Controller
06/13/06 Toshiba 70nm 8GB MLC NAND Flash Recognized As Most Innovative Non-Volatile Memory
05/22/06 Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. Names Tokuhiro Matsuda As Vice President , Business Development Of Discrete Business Unit
04/05/06 Toshiba And SanDisk To Expand NAND Flash Memory Production With ConstructionOf New Advanced Fabrication Facility At Yokkaichi Operations
02/09/06 Toshiba's Boost In FY2005 Semiconductor Capex Will Expand Capacity For NAND Flash Memory
02/07/06 Toshiba Develops World's Fastest, Highest Density FeRAM
02/07/06 Toshiba and NEC Develop World's Fastest, Highest Density MRAM
01/05/06 Toshiba Announces 16-Gigabit Multi-Level Cell Nand Flash Components Using 70-Nanometer Process Technology
12/12/05 Toshiba and M-Systems Introduce New Generation of DiskOnChip Embedded Flash Drives for Mobile Handsets and Consumer Electronics
12/06/05 Toshiba To Appeal To Higher Court In U.S. Trade Secret Lawsuit On NAND Flash Technologies
12/02/05 Toshiba Responds To Trial Court Ruling On Post-Trial Motions In U.S. Trade Secret Lawsuit On NAND Flash Technologies
09/07/05 Toshiba Announces Lead(Pb)-Free Transition Plan For Memory Products, Targeting Complete Conversion By End Of 2005
07/12/05 Toshiba Responds To July 8th Statement Of Decision In U.S. Trade Secret Lawsuit For NAND Flash Technologies
05/09/05 Semiconductor Insights Recognizes Toshiba with 2005 INSIGHT Award for Most Innovative Non-Volatile Memory
03/30/05 Toshiba's 512-Megabit XDR DRAM With 6.4GHZ Data Transfer Speed
02/21/05 Toshiba And SanDisk Celebrate Construction Of 300mm Wafer Fab Building For NAND Flash Memory At Yokkaichi Operations
02/10/05 Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. To Present At IDEMA 2005 Symposium
02/08/05 Toshiba And SanDisk Develop 8-Gigabit NAND Flash Memory Chip With 70 nm Process Technology
02/06/05 Spansion, ARM, NanoAmp, SMedia, Spreadtrum and Toshiba Form Organization to Streamline Memory Validation and Test
01/06/05 Toshiba Announces 2 And 4 Gigabyte CompactFlash Cards For Digital Cameras And Other Consumer Electronics Devices
01/06/05 Toshiba Announces Line-Up Of Toshiba-Branded USB 2.0 Flash Drives Plus Customizable USB 2.0 Flash Drive Subassemblies For OEMs
09/08/04 Toshiba Announces 1 Gigabyte SD Card And 512 Megabyte High Speed SD Card Using 90 Nanometer NAND Flash Technology
09/06/04 Toshiba, NEC Electronics, And Fujitsu Agree On "COSMORAM Rev.3" Common Specifications For PSRAM
09/02/04 Toshiba's Multi-Level Cell NAND Flash Is Now Supported By SigmaTel D-Major Audio Decoders For MP3 Players
08/23/04 Toshiba To Participate In Gartner Dataquest Semiconductor Industry Summit
06/01/04 Staktek And Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. Announce 576Mb Network FCRAM
05/17/04 Toshiba Announces Latest Strategic Memory Roadmaps
05/10/04 Toshiba Introduces New 1.8v Multi-Chip Package Memory Solutions With Burst Mode Capabilities For Next-Generation Cellular Phone Applications
05/10/04 Toshiba America Electronics Components, Inc. Releases Performance Research On MLC NAND Flash Memory For Consumer Applications
04/13/04 Toshiba Starts the Construction of State-of-the Art Wafer Fab For NAND Flash Memory At Yokkaichi Operations
04/12/04 Toshiba Unveils 512Mb Network FCRAM, The Industry's Largest Density Low Latency DRAM For Network Applications
04/06/04 Toshiba Takes NAND Flash Memory To 4-Gigabit Level Using 90 Nanometer Process Technology
03/01/04 Toshiba Announces Availability of NAND Flash Performance White Paper
02/27/04 Toshiba Enhances Network FCRAM Product Line With Industrial Temperature Memory ICs
02/06/04 Agere Systems First Company To Offer Multiple Sources Of Low-Latency, DRAM Memory Chips For Network Processor Customers
01/26/04 Toshiba's NAND Flash Memory Boosts Storage, Data Recovery Capabilities Of Company's New Line Of PDAs
01/21/04 Toshiba Develops Multi-Chip Package (MCP) Which Realizes Stacking Of 9 Layers With 1.4MM Thickness
01/12/04 Toshiba's 2-Gigabit NAND Flash Memory Named to EDN's Hot 100 Products of 2003
01/08/04 Toshiba Announces New Family of High Speed SD Memory Cards
01/08/04 Toshiba's NAND Flash-Based SD Memory Cards Used in World's First Available Series of Wearable Video Camcorders
12/03/03 Toshiba And SanDisk To Expand NAND Flash Memory Production With Construction Of 300-mm Wafer Fabrication Facility At Yokkaichi Operations
09/29/03 SST And Toshiba Sign Licensing Agreement For Embedded Flash Microcontrollers
09/22/03 Toshiba Expands 333MHz FCRAM II Family With Wider, x36 Configuration For Networking Applications
09/17/03 Psion Teklogix Delivers Toshiba's Bluetooth Technology In Its 7535 Hand-held
09/08/03 Toshiba Offers Lead-Free Versions Of All Its NAND Flash Memory Devices In TSOP Packages
08/20/03 Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. Publishes New NAND Flash Applications Design Guide
07/14/03 Toshiba's NAND Flash Utilized In Unique Entertainment Application For Voice And Control Of Them Park Animatronic Robots
07/07/03 Toshiba Adds Wider, X16 NAND Flash Memory For Faster Read Cycles In Cell Phones And Mobile Electronics Applications
07/07/03 Toshiba Offers Complete MCP Solutions For Cell Phones With NOR Flash, NAND Flash, SRAM, Pseudo SRAM Or Low Power SDRAM
06/23/03 Toshiba Announces 2-Gigabit NAND Featuring Automatic Erase And Program Operations For File Storage Applications
06/17/03 Toshiba Adds 512-Megabyte Secure Digital Card
06/11/03 Toshiba And SanDisk Announce Novel NAND Cell Architecture Enabling Major Advances In Flash Memory Capacity
04/14/03 Toshiba Adds Modified NAND Flash Memory For Easier Integration In Advanced Cell Phones With Complex Memory Subsystems
04/14/03 Toshiba Develops Five- And Six-Chip Multi-Chip Packages Combining NOR Flash, SRAM, Pseudo SRAM And NAND Flash For Advanced Cell Phone Applications
04/14/03 Toshiba Announces Family Of 1.8V NOR Flash Memory To Enable Longer Battery Life In Next-Generation Wireless Applications
04/14/03 Toshiba Unveils Roadmaps For Memory; Targets File Storage, Mobile And Communications Memory Markets For Growth
03/14/03 Toshiba To Introduce 2-Gigabit NAND Flash Memory
01/14/03 Toshiba Announces 128Mb Pseudo SRAM Family; Highest Density Available For Mobile System Applications
01/09/03 Toshiba Launches 256-Megabyte Secure Digital Card
01/09/03 Toshiba To Transfer SRAM Process Technology To SMIC
12/23/02 Toshiba's 333 Megahertz FCRAM Named One Of EDN Magazine's Top 100 Products Of The Year For 2002
10/31/02 Toshiba Selects Rambus Yellowstone Interface Solution for Memory
10/09/02 Sandisk and Toshiba Announce Development of 90 Nanometer Process Technology for Binary and MLC NAND Flash
09/30/02 Toshiba Adds To High-Performance Memory Portfolio With 333MHz Network FCRAM Family For Networking And Server Applications
09/25/02 Toshiba Announces Bluetooth SDIO Card for Mobile Applications
09/09/02 Toshiba Announces 0.13 Micron 1Gb Monolithic Nand Featuring Large Block Size For Improved Write/Erase Speed Performance
08/29/02 M-Systems and Toshiba Sign Collaboration Agreement Pertaining to Development, Marketing and Supply of New DiskOnChip. Products
05/08/02 Samsung and Toshiba to Manufacture Network Specific DRAM for High-Speed Network Applications
03/25/02 Toshiba Develops the World's Smallest Stacked Multi-Chip Package Currently Available
03/14/02 Fujitsu, NEC and Toshiba Agree on Common Specifications for Next-Generation Pseudo SRAM User Interface for Mobile Applications
03/11/02 Toshiba Announces 64Mb and 128Mb Page Mode NOR Flash Memory for Next-Generation Wireless Applications
02/25/02 Agere Systems Selects Toshiba's FCRAM For Use With OC-192 PayloadPlus Network Processor
02/05/02 Internet Machines Adds Toshiba Second Generation FCRAM to its IMpower Network Processing Architecture
01/28/02 Toshiba's Family of CMOS 8Mb Low-Power SRAMs Offers the Fastest Access TIme Currently Available and New Packaging Options for Design Flexibility
01/21/02 Fujitsu and Toshiba Announce Second-Generation FCRAM with Enhanced Performance up to 200 Megahertz
01/21/02 Toshiba Enhances High-Performance Memory Portfolio With Second Generation FCRAM Family For Networking And Server Applications
12/18/01 Toshiba Announces Reorganization of Memory Business
11/13/01 Toshiba Expands Line-Up of FlashAir™, the SDHC Memory Card with Embedded Wireless LAN Communications
11/13/01 Toshiba Announces 18Mb SigmaRAM High-Speed SRAMs
11/12/01 Toshiba Debuts One-Gigabit NAND Flash Memory Device
10/01/01 Toshiba Introduces First Nand Flash Drives Optimized For Industrial Applications
08/06/01 Toshiba Expands Growing Line-Up Of Secure Digital Memory Cards With The Introduction Of A 128mb Device
07/23/01 Toshiba Has First Microcontroller with Sd Memory Card Controller
06/11/01 Toshiba Unveils Its Roadmap For Continued Leadership In The Flash Memory Market
06/11/01 Toshiba Introduces 0.16-Micron 256-Megabit NAND Flash Memory Based On Advanced Process Technology
06/06/01 Sandisk And Toshiba Begin Production At The Flashvision Flash Fab In Virginia; 512 Megabit Nand Flash Is First Product
05/07/01 Toshiba Expands Its Family Of Small Form Factor Flash Memory Solutions With The Addition Of A 512mb Compactflash Card
10/02/00 Toshiba Launches First Portable PC Host-Controller LSI For SD Memory Card And SmartMedia
09/25/00 Toshiba Releases SMARTMEDIA Card Interface To Developers
09/25/00 Toshiba Introduces New High-Density NAND Flash Memory Products
09/18/00 Toshiba And Tessera Announce Innovative Technology Licensing Agreement
07/15/00 Toshiba Launches Next Generation 256Mb DRAM Products
06/12/00 Toshiba Enhances Dram Supply Chain Model
05/10/00 Toshiba And SanDisk Sign Agreement To Invest $700 Million In Fab Plant To Produce Flash Memory
05/08/00 Winbond to Join in Fujitsu Toshiba DRAM Development Program
04/03/00 Toshiba Develops 32mb Read While Write NOR Flash Memory Device
04/03/00 BiTMICRO NETWORKS, Lexar Media And Wyse Choose Toshiba's NAND Flash Memory Devices For High Density Data Storage
03/09/00 Toshiba Develops 8Mb Low-Power SRAM Device And Industry's First 8Mb SRAM/64Mb NOR Flash stacked MCP Memory Device
03/02/00 Toshiba Develops Industry's First 64Mb Read While Write Nor Flash Memory Device
02/14/00 Toshiba Receives System Validation of 128/144Megabit-Based Rambus Rimm Modules
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