Fit Fast Structured Array (FFSA™) is
Breakaway Technology for Custom Silicon

FFSA utilizes the innovative metal-configurable standard cell (MCSC) SoC platform technology for the design of ASICs and ASSPs and the seamless replacement of FPGAs.

FFSA significantly reduces time to market and non-recurring engineering (NRE) costs by minimizing customizable mask layers while delivering the advantages of performance, power and lower unit cost associated with standard-cell ASICs.

How Does Fit Fast Structured Array (FFSATM) Measure Up to Existing Technologies?

Require smaller volumes and quick turnaround times? Need to make frequent changes without large re-spin costs?

FFSA technology bridges the gap between:


*These benchmarks were created by Toshiba based on internal calculations comparing size, power and performance to competitive FPGAs.

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Leverage Our Silicon Expertise
for Your Next Design 

Toshiba, a premier semiconductor manufacturer, has provided leading companies with custom SoCs/ASICs for over three decades. Toshiba customers benefit from:

The new Toshiba Fit Fast Structured Array (FFSATM) technology can further help Toshiba customers differentiate their products from the competi­tion by significantly reducing design cycles, project costs and power budgets while improving performance.

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Fit Fast Structured Array (FFSATM) FAQs

Q. What is the difference between this product and structured ASICs that were available in the market a few years ago?

A. Toshiba's FFSA has achieved significant improvements in die size, routability, performance and power as compared to the structured ASICs that were designed a few years ago.

Q. How do NRE charges compare?

A. NRE for FFSA is up to 5 times lower* than for standard-cell ASICs without compromising unit cost, performance or power.

Q. How fast is turnaround time?

A. Turnaround time is as little as 6 weeks** from receipt of a clean RTL to prototype delivery.

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*Five times lower NRE for FFSA is based on FFSA NRE charges (65nm) compared to NRE charges for standard Cell ASICs that range from $1.5 million to $3 million.
**Six weeks from RTL to proto is based on receiving clean RTL.

Configurable Platform Technology

The key features of FFSATM are as follows:

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