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Executive Team

Corporate and Business Unit Executive Management
Accompanying the biography of each Toshiba executive is an adjacent photo for download. Select from a 4 x 5-inch jpeg in high resolution or a 2 x 2.5-inch jpeg in low resolution. Executive photos are to be used for journalistic purposes only. When publishing photos, please credit Toshiba.
Hideya Yamaguchi
  President and CEO
Scott Nelson
  Senior Vice President, Memory Marketing
Shardul Kazi
  Senior Vice President and Technology Executive, System LSI Group
Discrete Business Unit
Jay Heinecke
  Vice President, Business Development,
Discrete Business Unit
System LSI Business Unit
Andrew Burt
  Vice President, Image Sensor Business Unit, System LSI Group
Deepak Mithani
  Director, Mixed Signal Business Unit, System LSI Group
Rakesh Sethi
  Technology Executive, Head of Technology and Product Planning, System LSI Group