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Chip powers one of the most hotly anticipated consumer electronics devices ever; demonstrates Toshiba's system level integration capabilities

SAN JOSE, Calif., Jan. 31, 2000-Cahner's MicroDesign Resources (MDR), publisher of Microprocessor Report, presented Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCE) and Toshiba Corp. the honored 1999 Analyst's Choice Award for the Best Embedded Processor at this year's "Processing The Future 2000" dinner event held on Jan, 27 in Santa Clara, Calif. The Analyst's Choice Awards recognizes excellence in semiconductor technology innovation, design and implementation. Nominated technologies for the new Analyst's Choice Microprocessor Report Technology Awards embody the potential to substantially improve the performance of the systems in which they are used. All nominees were chosen, in consensus, by the Microprocessor Report's team of technology analysts.

The 300MHz 128-bit MIPS-based™ Emotion Engine, developed jointly by SCE and Toshiba Corp., uses 0.18-micron process and has over 13 million transistors, which is equivalent to today's complex desktop PC microprocessors. The Emotion Engine serves as the core CPU for Sony's Playstation2, allowing the advanced game system to handle 6.2 GFLOPS at peak floating performance and able to transform 66 Mpolygons per second (perspective transformation), to provide a level of graphics performance not seen even in the most powerful PCs.

"We are honored to receive this prestigious recognition of Toshiba's system level integration (SLI) capabilities," said Peter Richmond, director of System IC business development at Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. "The Emotion Engine is an excellent example of Toshiba's world-class expertise in developing complex SLI devices that include embedded high-performance RISC processor and memory cores and other logic."

"Delivering a chip of this complexity requires coordination of skilled design teams, quality EDA tools, well understood silicon technology, and high-yield manufacturing," Richmond continued. "While not all of our SLI customers require a CPU core as powerful as the Emotion Engine, we draw on these same capabilities for many of the ASIC and ASSP SLI designs we're working on today to ensure we get the designs out on time and within specification."

The first Analyst's Choice Awards were presented during MDR's "Processing The Future 2000" dinner event on Jan. 27 at the Westin Hotel in Santa Clara, California. Following two, new full-day Microprocessor Report seminars, the Processing The Future 2000 agenda included the much-anticipated Microprocessor Report Technology Forecasts 2000, and a presentation of the new Microprocessor Report Technology Award, recognizing the most new promising technology disclosed in 1999.

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