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Featured Grants For Grades 6 - 12

Funded projects in grades 6-12 provide students with the opportunity to "do science" in new ways that promise to increase their engagement with the subject matter and improve their learning. Below are descriptions of funded projects and a sample list of recent awardees.


Amesbury High School (Amesbury, MA)
Amesbury High School students will design and build scaled structures with various building materials in a new Fundamental Engineering course in which students will explore the relative strength of traditional as well as newer composite building materials. Read More...

William Marsh Rice University (Houston, TX)
The Rice University Elementary Model Science Lab (REMSL) is an initiative of the School of Science & Technology program designed to improve the STEM science education experience of elementary students, especially socioeconomically disadvantaged students in the greater Houston area. Read More...

Ann Arbor Public Schools (Ann Arbor, MI)
Computer science students will participate in hands-on engineering work by designing and building LEGO Read More...

Frederick High School (Frederick, MD)

With the planned introduction of a new Advanced Placement Biology Curriculum and its focus on the Next Generation of Science Standards, students will have the opportunity to practice science the way it is done in real-world laboratories and work environments while meeting state educational standards. Read More...

Henry Kaiser High School (Honolulu, HI)

This is an expansion of a successful "Got Heart" project that was completed last year. Read More...

Technology High School (Rohnert Park, CA)

The project is an excellent hands-on approach to teaching thermodynamics to a broad range of students. Read More...

Patapsco Middle School (Ellicott City, MD)

With the implementation of a "Digital Science" project, students will be able to conduct their own independent research using probe ware to take their investigations to a higher level. Read More...

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