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Grades K - 5: For Teachers

Toshiba America Foundation's mission is to provide teachers with additional funds to support classroom projects. After school and summer projects, and independent study projects are not eligible. The Foundation strongly encourages projects planned and led by individual teachers or teams of teachers for their own classrooms.

Many successful grantees have designed projects that tap into the natural curiosity of their students, enable students to frame their own scientific questions, and incorporate the expertise of community partners.

Grades K-5
Any K-5 teacher in a public or private (not-for-profit) school is eligible for a grant to support science or math education up to $1,000 for project materials only.

Additional details are available in the application forms--See How to Apply.

K-5 Final Report Form
Is your Toshiba America Foundation project complete? Have your misplaced your report form?
Click here Download Word Doc (36.5 KB) to download a copy of the K-5 Final Report form.

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