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Grant applications for grades
K - 5 are due October 1
Grade 6-12 grant requests of more
than $5,000 are due August 1
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Teacher Resources
Great Science Books for Middle Schoolers
Click here to download a list from one of TAF's favorite librarians. Many of the books listed here can be enjoyed by high school students and adults, too!
Middle School Math Lessons from Stanford University
Click here to download website lessons from a recent summer math program - a collaboration between Stanford University School of Education and the Santa Clara Unified School District.
Middle School Biology from Oregon State University
(OSU) has received four TAF grants since 2003. The following biology lesson plans represent the culmination of efforts by Sujaya Rao and her OSU colleagues to improve science education in the region.
Teachers Organizations

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

National Science Teachers Association

National Consortium for Specialized Secondary Schools Mathematics, Science and Technology
Web Sites We Like

Cool Science from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

The world's top scientists share their research via Earth & Sky Radio.

Environmental Protection Agency classroom materials.

Food Science and other information from the FDA.

Edutopia, The George Educational Lucas Foundation's website, showcases best practices in teaching and learning.

Globe Program: hands on earth science explorations for teachers and students from around the world.

John Hopkins University's Center for Talented Youth offers summer programs and online courses for students who wish to accelerate their science and math learning.

The National Gardening Association wants young people to grow!

National Human Genome Research Institute's materials for educators.

National Institutes of Health materials for educators.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration materials for educators.

Get a glimpse of NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab.

National Science Foundation classroom resources.

NASA's Practical Uses of Math and Science

Radio Lab offers free podcasts on science and ideas.

Science Friday is NPR's weekly review of science news and ideas.

U.S. Geological Survey classroom materials.

U.S. Department of Agriculture materials for students and teachers.

U.S. Forest Service education resources.

Weather education materials from the National Weather Service.

Web Adventures: educational science and math games from Rice University.

Weather Satellite Learning