Human Smart Community

Toshiba's vision for the future is a "Human Smart Community"—a society that is technologically advanced but that puts peoples' well-being first.

An Interview with Masaaki Osumi, Chairman and CEO of Toshiba America, Inc. - A look at Toshiba's accomplished history and the evolution of the Human Smart Community.

An interview with Andreas Umbach, President and CEO Landis+Gyr: Landis+Gyr and Toshiba are uniquely positioned to help energy providers address the many changes in their industry.

An interview with Steven D. Ladwig, President and CEO Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions: Toshiba is in a great position to help advance the state of retail, especially in its customer touch points and the whole shopping experience.

Together with Landis+Gyr, a Toshiba-owned global industry leader in energy measurement and metering solutions for utilities, Toshiba will realize the Human Smart Community.

Toshiba is helping retailers adapt their strategies, their stores and their technology to support a seamless, more customer-centric shopping experience.


Toshiba's vision for the future is a "Human Smart Community"—a society that is technologically advanced but that puts peoples' well-being first.

With our focus on healthcare, energy and cloud and storage technology, we are working to create a future ideal of a safe, secure and comfortable society.

In the future, we envision everyone everywhere can flourish and enjoy a rich and vibrant life.


We call the technologies needed to create this ideal society "lifenology"—a combination of "life" and "technology."

Toshiba lifenology is more than a single product or technology. Rather, by marrying the know-how behind a wide range of technologies, we create new value that can benefit people all around the world.

Through "lifenology," Toshiba will realize the "Human Smart Community."

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