What is 4K Ultra HD?

4K is the Next, Best Thing – 4 Times The Resolution of 1080p Full HD

4K Ultra HD (3840x2160p) provides four times the resolution of 1080p Full HD for breathtaking detail and image quality even up close.

4K Ultra HD Provides The Picture Quality You’ve Dreamed About

With over 8 Million pixels, 4K Ultra HD creates a picture so clear, and lifelike it redefines the bigscreen experience without taking up any more space for truly immersive cinema-quality entertainment in the comfort of your own home.

For 4K Ultra HD, The Best Processing Makes the Best Picture

Not all 4K TVs are created equal. The Toshiba second generation CEVO™ 4K Quad + Dual Core Processor powers the innovative technologies designed to deliver the best possible 4K Ultra HD image from 4K and standard HD content.

Drag this magnifier to see the difference between 4K Ultra HD and 1080p HD.

No Need to Wait for
True 4K Content

Advanced 4K Resolution+® technology upconverts your favorite programming sources including 1080p Blu-ray™, cable/satellite box, or gaming system to amazing near-4K, Ultra HD quality.

Toshiba’s 2nd Generation 4K Processing

Toshiba developed in-house the second generation CEVO 4K video processing engine for Ultra HD TVs.

The CEVO 4K Engine creates the best quality restoration of resolution, color, brilliance and fine texture details that bring images to life like never before. 4K Resolution+ technology ensures that you can upconvert all of your favorite programming including 1080p Blu-ray™, cable/satellite box, gaming system to pristine near-4K Ultra HD, all of the time for ultra-realistic entertainment.

Powerful Image Enhancement Technology

Fine Texture Restoration

Restores detail and textures to near Ultra HD quality.

Color Restoration

Restores the richness of color even from compressed sources.

Brilliance Restoration

Analyzes reflections to fine-tune the brightness and contrast for enhanced depth and more realistic image

Toshiba Display

ClearScan® 240Hz Technology

Produces clear fast motion video from quick-action sports and movies

CineSpeed® Technology

High-Bright LED display with fast panel response delivers clearer and more natural big-screen picture quality

Local Dimming

Technology provides more dimming zones to dramatically improve black levels and contrast ratios to deliver a better picture

And There's Even More

Cloud TV

Takes the connected experience to a new level and provides a better user experience by offering easier content discovery and acquisition, including Personal Messaging, Family Calendar, Streaming News, Cloud Album, Open Browser, VOD content and more. It also provides server-based upgradability and enables you to easily connect to content, mobile devices, and people like never before.

Astonishing 3D

Trivector® 2D-to-3D conversion technology enables you to enjoy any 2D content instantly in immersive 3D.

Built-in Wi-Fi

Enjoy convenient in-home connectivity without the cable clutter to stream content from your media server or the internet.

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Currently available in 84” — the L9300U Ultra HD LED TVs series takes HD TV to a whole new realm.

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