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Glossary of Terms

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10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet

Allows for a significantly faster network connection than a standard 10/100 Ethernet LAN.
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10-Key Numeric Pad

See Numeric 10-Key Pad.

7200rpm Hard Drive

RPM stands for “revolutions per minute” and measures the speed of a standard spinning hard drive. The current standard for hard drive speeds is 5400rpm, so a computer with a 7200rpm hard drive allows you to access your programs and data slightly faster.

802.11n Wireless

The latest version of wireless LAN technology. Compared to previous versions (like 802.11a, 802.11b and 802.11g), 802.11n offers faster connection speeds over a wider area. 802.11n wireless is also sometimes listed using the older technologies it is also compatible with — for example: with 802.11b/g/n, the "b/g/" preceding "n" means that the wireless card is also compatible with 802.11b and 802.11g wireless routers. While most products featuring 802.11n wireless will work with most older routers, you will need an 802.11n wireless router to enjoy the full speed and range of this technology.
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An accessory is anything that goes along with your technology product but cannot work without it. For example, a laptop mouse or a tablet dock are both accessories.
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Active Management Technology (AMT)

Used with remote management software, Active Management Technology on Intel® vPro™-equipped Toshiba laptops lets you remotely configure, diagnose, isolate, and repair infected PCs — even if they're off.
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Active-Matrix Display

A liquid crystal display (LCD) made from an array of liquid crystal cells using active-matrix technology. Also known as a “TFT display,” in its simplest form there is one thin film transistor (TFT) for each cell. This type of display works well with computers because of its shallow depth and high-quality color. Active-matrix displays are viewable from wider angles than most passive-matrix displays.


A device that provides a compatible connection between two units. For example, the computer’s internal display adapter receives information from the software and translates it into images on the screen. An adapter can take a number of forms, from a microprocessor to a simple connector. One of the most common types of adapters is an AC adapter, which works as a laptop’s power cord.
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All-in-One (AIO) Desktop

All-in-one desktops are computers that combine the CPU and speaker into the same case as the monitor. Typically, AIO desktops are smaller and more portable than tower desktops.
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Alternating Current (AC)

The type of power usually supplied to residential and commercial wall outlets. AC reverses its direction at regular intervals. Compare to Direct Current (DC).

AMD® Vision™

AMD’s line of processors built-into our products allow you to handle simple day to day activities such as sending and receiving emails or browsing the web. But they can also help you handle more intense applications, such as HD video editing or extreme gaming. Whichever one you choose, AMD processors give you the freedom to do it all from virtually anywhere.


See security software.


A computer program that you can use to perform tasks of a specific type. Applications include word processors, spreadsheets, music software, games, instant messaging programs and more.


By combining an ambient room light sensor and incoming video content monitoring, AutoView™ automatically sets most of the TV picture parameters for you. The result is a clearer view in almost any light.


Backlit Keyboard

Use your new laptop day or night thanks to our convenient LED backlit keys. The gentle glow makes it easy to see what you're typing — or just find that button you're looking for — in almost any light.
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Basic Input/Output System (BIOS)


Baud Rate

The speed at which a communication device, such as a printer or modem, transmits information. Baud rate is the number of signal changes per second (not necessarily the same as bits per second). See also bits per second.


Stands for “Basic Input/Output System”. Basic instructions, stored in read-only memory (ROM), containing the information the computer needs to check hardware and load the operating system when you start up the computer.

Bits per Second

Abbreviated “bps”; a way of measuring the speed at which information is passed between two devices. This is the basic unit of measure used in modem communications, and is similar, but not identical, to the baud rate.


A short-range wireless technology. Use Bluetooth® to sync with your smart phone, or enjoy more comfortable computing using Bluetooth® mice, keyboards and headphones—all without wrestling another annoying cable.
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Blu-ray Disc® Drive

If you’ve never seen the difference between a regular and Blu-ray™ movie, you’re in for a treat. Fire up your PC and thrill to stunning native 1080p Full HD video (select laptops only), and awesome soundtracks thanks to Dolby® True HD and DTS HD. You’ll see what sets Blu-ray™ apart with BD-Live™ 2.0, going online right from the movie to view filmmaker chats, deleted scenes, short clips and more. Plus, you’ll be able to view additional onscreen content and enjoy PiP (picture-in-picture) functionality — AND it can read and create standard CDs and DVDs with its included DVD SuperMulti burner drive.
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An electrical circuit that connects the central processing unit (CPU) with other parts of the computer, such as the video adapter, disk drives, and ports. It is the pathway through which data flows from one device to another. See also bus speed, frontside bus.

Bus Speed

The speed at which the central processing unit (CPU) communicates with the other parts of the computer.



A section of very fast memory in which frequently used information is duplicated for quick access. Accessing data from cache is faster than accessing it from the computer’s main memory.
See also CPU cache, L1 cache, L2 cache.

CD-ROM (Compact Disc Read-Only Memory)

A form of high-capacity storage that uses laser optics instead of magnetic means for reading data. Compare DVD-ROM.

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

The chip that functions as the “brain” of the computer. It takes information from outside sources, such as memory or keyboard input, processes the information, and sends the results to another device that uses the information.

Cinespeed® Panel

This special type of HDTV screen is rated for an eight-millisecond or less response time, which delivers better, clearer high-speed video.


Toshiba ClearFrame™ 120 doubles normal 60Hz performance to reduce blurring caused by fast-action video. See also ClearScan™.


If action-packed movies and fast-paced sports light your fire, you know that blurred TV images can really dowse the fun. Fortunately, Toshiba ClearScan® 240Hz and 480Hz technology minimizes blurring, providing clearer full-motion video compared to 60Hz or even standard 120Hz televisions.

CPU cache

A section of very fast memory residing between the CPU and the computer’s main memory that temporarily stores data and instructions the CPU will need to execute commands and programs.
See also cache, L1 cache, L2 cache.


A Toshiba-exclusive technology, CrystalCoat™ Contrast Enhancer stops ambient room light reflections from washing out TV images, so you’ll experience up to 30% better contrast in bright rooms. It’s a simple idea backed by complex science, which also makes it easy to see the difference between Toshiba and ordinary TVs.


Direct Current (DC)

The type of power usually supplied by batteries. DC flows in one direction. Compare Alternating Current (AC).

Direct Memory Access (DMA)

A dedicated channel, bypassing the CPU, that enables direct data transfer between memory and a device.

Discrete Graphics

For gamers and designers, having fast and clear graphics is vital. A discrete graphics card has its own dedicated memory, so it can process graphics faster than an integrated card. If you plan on doing design work or playing graphics-intensive games on your laptop, you should get a discrete graphics card with as much graphics memory as your budget will allow.

Disk Drive

The device that reads and writes information and programs on external media or a hard drive. It rotates the disk at high speed past one or more read/write heads.


Use convenient DisplayPort technology to plug in an LCD monitor and enjoy a higher resolution viewing experience.
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Dolby® Advanced Audio™

This suite of technologies delivers a stunning audio experience from headphones or speakers. That means brighter highs and deep, thumping bass tones on your favorite tunes or movie soundtracks. As for gaming, you’ll hear thundering explosions, shriller screams, and more lifelike conversations.
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DVD-ROM (Digital Video Disc Read-Only Memory)

A high-capacity storage medium that uses laser optics for reading data. Each DVD-ROM can hold as much data as several CD-ROMs. Compare CD-ROM.

DVD SuperMulti Drive

Most Toshiba laptops come standard with a DVD SuperMulti drive, which is another name for a DVD burner (DVD±RW/CD-RW). A SuperMulti DVD drive lets you:
  • Burn music, movies and files to DVD
  • Play movies and software on DVD
  • Burn music, movies and files to CD
  • Play music and software on CD
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DynaLight® dynamic backlight control utilizes advanced histogram technology to monitor the brightness of each video frame and automatically adjust backlight intensity based on what’s being shown. This precise signal analysis allows for 256 levels of control, and can create dynamic contrast seven to ten times what you’d normally get. The result is a powerful picture with deep blacks for increased detail and incredible depth.

Dynamic Noise Reduction

With our Dynamic Noise Reduction system, noise reduction is increased in dark areas where it’s more visible and decreased in light areas where there’s often a wider color spectrum. It optimizes your image in all viewing situations, and makes sure the show looks superb from start to finish.


EasyGuard® Technology

Stay more agile, productive and competitive with Toshiba's exclusive EasyGuard® Technology which offers greater mobile reliability, security and convenience.
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eco utility™

See Toshiba eco utility™.

Energy Star

Engineered with respect to our planet, 93% of Toshiba laptops, netbooks and Tablet PCs have met the ENERGY STAR 4.0 standard since it was established in 2007.
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These products were awarded elite EPEAT Gold™ status, the highest rating in environmental standards for laptops by EPEAT. Carry this eco-conscious machine and you’ll be doing a world of good.
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An external device that supports hot swapping (adding and removing accessories without restarting the computer) and fast data transfer. Very useful in storing and transferring large files.
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Expert Mode

The Expert Mode on select Toshiba HDTVs allows for more precise picture adjustments with advanced calibrating controls, such as RGB On/Off, RGB Gain, RGB Offset, and Backlight Curve Adjustment. Set the switches any way you want. Then sit back and get ready for a totally optimized home theater experience.
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Fingerprint Reader

Get added security and convenience by replacing passwords with the simple swipe of a finger.
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Flash Drive

A small, portable flash memory card that plugs into a computer’s USB port and functions as a portable hard drive. They are smaller and more durable than an external hard drive because they do not contain any internal moving parts, but have less storage capacity. Sometimes called a thumb drive. See also USB.
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Frontside Bus

The main pathway (bus) between the CPU and the computer’s main memory. Also called “system bus.” See also bus.


Gaming Mode

The beauty of the Gaming Mode is its ease and simplicity. It simply supercharges your playing by reducing game controller delay, allowing the video signal to bypass select internal TV circuitry, shortening signal-to-screen time. It’s a difference you’ll see at once—and want to experience again and again.
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Gigabit Ethernet

See 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet.

GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)

See discrete graphics.


Hard Drive

Also called a hard disk or hard drive disk; a storage device composed of a rigid platter or platters that can be magnetically coded with data such as photos, music, applications and files. Hard drives hold more information than some external media and are used for long-term storage of programs and data.
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Hard Drive Impact Sensor

Hard Drive Impact Sensor technology is a complex system of hardware and software designed to detect sudden movements (such as when your laptop starts to fall off the table) and "park" the heads of your hard drive before damage occurs. It works faster than you can blink to help protect your laptop and all your files.
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HDMI® (High-Definition Multimedia Interface)

An interface used to transmit high quality audio and video signal via a single cable in digital format, providing better picture quality than analog signal. Having a computer with an HDMI port means you can hook up your compatible HD display and watch high-def movies on the big screen — right from your computer.
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High-Speed Hard Drive

See 7200rpm hard drive.

Hybrid Hard Drive

Enjoy the best of both worlds — hybrid hard drives are the ideal solution for mainstream performance and gaming laptops because they offer the space and lower cost of a standard spinning disc hard drive, with added speed and performance similar to that of a solid state drive. Compared to a standard hard drive, a hybrid drive lets you enjoy better performance, faster boot times and improved productivity thanks to less waiting.


Impact Smart Hard Drive

See Hard Drive Impact Sensor.


Dramatically speeds up HDMI® switching, reducing the typical five- or six-responses seen with standard inputs to a fraction of that time. It’s entertainment on your terms.
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Integrated Graphics

Most value laptops feature integrated graphics, which means that the graphics controller shares memory with the rest of the laptop's components. If you're planning to use your new laptop for everyday things like surfing the web and email, an integrated graphics controller is a cost-effective option.

Intel® Core™ i3 processors

The first level of Intel's Core™ i processor family, with hyper-threading technology so you can do more at the same time1 plus Intel® HD Graphics for a stunning visual experience2.

Intel® Core™ i5 processors

The second level of Intel’s Core™ i processor family; featuring hyper-threading, Intel® HD Graphics, as well as Turbo Boost Technology to automatically adapt its speed to whatever you're doing.

Intel® Core™ i7 processors

The top tier of Intel’s Core™ i processor family; featuring top-of-the-line technology that delivers the ultimate in smart performance with hyper-threading, HD-quality gaming and content creation, and Intel® Turbo Boost.

Intel® Turbo Boost

Intel® Turbo Boost Technology automatically allows processor cores to run faster than the base operating frequency if it's operating below power, current, and temperature specification limits. The end result is more speed – and less waiting – for you.

IR Pass-Through

With an optional IR blaster, the IR Pass-Through port on select Toshiba TVs allows remote commands to be sent through our TV to your home theater components that may be hidden out of view. It’s ideal for wall-mounting situations, or when you want to place your AV components in a cabinet or closet.


L1 (Level One) Cache

Memory cache built into the processor to help improve processing speed. See also cache, CPU cache, L2 cache.

L2 (Level Two) Cache

Memory cache installed on the motherboard to help improve processing speed. It is slower than L1 cache and faster than main memory. See also cache, CPU cache, L1 cache.


Share files and arrange all your discs — in a flash. Thanks to the DVD SuperMulti optical drive with Labelflash, you can make copies of your work, burn CDs of your photos and music mixes, then keep them looking smart and organized with attractive designs and labels.
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LAN (Local Area Network)

A group of computers or other devices dispersed over a relatively limited area and connected by a communications link that enables any device to interact with any other on the network.

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)

A type of display that uses a liquid substance between two transparent electrode panels. When an electric current passes through the electrodes, the molecules in the liquid form a crystalline pattern that polarizes the light passing through it. A filter over the electrodes permits only non-polarized light to pass to the surface of the display, creating light and dark pixels.
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LED (Light Emitting Diode)

A solid state lamp (SSL) that uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as the source of light, which offers long life and high efficiency output. Multiple diodes are used together, since the light created by individual light-emitting diodes is small compared to incandescent and compact fluorescent lamps.
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LED Backlit Display

With an LED backlit screen, your laptop display is brighter and uses less power than those with standard LCD screens. That means it's easier on the environment, your battery AND on your wallet!
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LED Backlit Keyboard

See backlit keyboard.

Local Area Network

See LAN.

Local Dimming

Local dimming on an LED TV improves black levels and contrast ratios to deliver a better picture. But while conventional local dimming modulates the backlighting in certain areas of the display showing darker elements of the scene, Toshiba takes the concept a step further by providing many more dimming zones than average, providing a significantly better picture.


Media Controller

Empower yourself to share videos, music and pictures from your PC’s media library with any compatible home entertainment network — minus the hassles. Connect to your Xbox®360 to enjoy movies on the living room big screen, or debut your latest home video in the comfort of your den on another PC. Toshiba Media Controller makes it easy.
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Typically refers to the computer’s main memory, where programs are run and data is temporarily stored and processed. Memory can hold data temporarily (RAM), or it can hold data permanently (ROM.) A computer’s main memory is RAM. See also RAM, ROM.
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Memory Card Reader

Quickly, easily transfer photos, videos and more from your cameras and other devices with a convenient built-in memory card reader on select models. Just remove the memory card from the device and pop it into your laptop — no cables required!
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See Central Processing Unit (CPU).


Short for “modulator/demodulator.” A device that converts information from digital to analog, and back to digital, enabling information to pass back and forth between digital computers and analog telephone lines. A modem is required to use dial-up internet service.

Multi-function Drive

See DVD SuperMulti Drive.

Multi-touch Control

Enjoy the ability to pinch, swipe, rotate or scroll through images on the display screen with a simple brush of your fingers.
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Native Mode™

On 1080p Toshiba HD TV models, Native Mode™ eliminates unnecessary scaling of Full HD signals that can reduce overall image resolution, therefore quality. Activated on either our 720p or 1080p TVs, it also displays the three to five per cent of the image edges that most sets lose to normal over-scanning. None of the original picture is lost, so you lose none of the action.


A small, cost-efficient laptop with limited functionality, meant for basic internet access and word processing on the go.


A collection of computers and associated devices that are connected by communications facilities. A network allows you to share data and peripheral devices (such as printers) with other users, and to exchange email.

Numeric 10-Key Pad

A built-in 10-key number pad is a must-have time-saver for anyone who deals with numbers on a regular basis.
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NVIDIA® 3D Vision™

Experience the next generation of high-definition today! Using a combination of screen, software and special 3D glasses (included), you can enjoy games, movies and photos in 3D. With 3D technology from NVIDIA®, even your standard 2D digital content can be converted to 3D!
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NVIDIA® Optimus™ Technology

Help extend the battery life of your performance laptop with NVIDIA® Optimus™ technology — designed to reduce the strain on your laptop's battery by automatically switching between discrete and integrated graphics processors based on how much power your current application needs — all without that dreaded screen flicker.


Operating System

A set of programs that controls how the computer works. Examples of operating systems are the Windows Vista® and Windows® 7 Home Basic operating systems.
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Optical Disc Drive

Also called an Optical Drive; a drive which reads plastic coated discs on which information is recorded digitally, and uses a laser to read data, music, or videos. Some common examples of an optical disc drive are DVD and CD drives.

Optimus™ Technology

See NVIDIA® Optimus™ Technology.


PC Card

A credit-card-sized expansion card designed to increase the capabilities of computers. PC Cards provide functions such as modem, fax/modem, hard disk drive, network adapter, sound card, or SCSI adapter. Requires a PC Card slot on the computer.
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PC Health Monitor

Much like the dashboard of a car, PC Health Monitor gives you an easy-to-read graphical overview of things like laptop temperature, fan speed and the condition of your battery. It’s like having an onboard IT expert, making sure you always have plenty of horsepower to stay ahead -- and out of trouble.
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A socket on the computer where you plug a cable for connection to a network or an accessory.


RAM (Random Access Memory)

Memory that can be written to as well as read; the information held in RAM is lost when you turn off your computer. This type of memory is used for your computer’s main memory. See also memory. Compare ROM.


Toshiba ReelTime replaces the old fashioned “hunt-and-click” method of finding your files with an innovative timeline or “reel.” Now, instead of questions like, “Where is it?” you simply ask “When did I use it?” You’ll spend less time searching, more time doing and enjoying, and keep your day in high gear.
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Refresh Rate

A TV’s refresh rate is the measure of how quickly its screen can react to whatever video you happen to be watching. TVs with a higher refresh rate generally have clearer picture for video with fast movement such as sports or video games.


A measure of the sharpness of the images that can be produced by a printer or displayed on a screen. For a printer, resolution is expressed in dots per inch (dpi). For a screen, it is expressed as the number of pixels available horizontally and vertically. For laptops, larger screens usually have a higher resolution, meaning that their screens can display more information than a laptop with a lower screen resolution.


Add definition to your older DVDs and games with Toshiba's Resolution+ technology -- an exclusive algorithm designed to deliver contrast and color enhancements in real-time. Utilizing the advanced graphics processing capabilities of your computer, standard definition video is converted from a low to a higher resolution so you can enjoy sharper image clarity and contrast on your HD display.
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ROM (Read-Only Memory)

Non-volatile memory that can be read but not written to. Non-volatile here means that information in ROM remains whether or not the computer is receiving power. This type of memory is used to store your computer’s BIOS, which is essential instructions the computer reads when you start it up. See also BIOS, memory. Compare RAM.


Short for “Restriction of Hazardous Substances”, RoHS is an environmental compliance standard used in the United Kingdom for electrical and electronic equipment.


See wireless router.


Secure Digital (SD)

A small, portable memory card used to store and transfer data between digital products, providing encryption capability for content security. SD cards are commonly used in electronics such as digital cameras, smartphones and tablets.
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Security Software

Security software refers to any number of programs designed to keep your computer safe from malicious online activity. Common types of programs include antivirus, firewall and spam protection.
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Cut down on clutter when you travel by leaving your external speakers at home! With Toshiba sleep-and-music technology, you can use your laptop's integrated speakers to listen to your MP3 player — just plug it into the laptop via a standard audio cable (not included) to listen to your favorite songs — even when the laptop is off!
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A type of security technology that uses a small chip to verify login credentials and encryption keys on computers.

Solid State Drive

Smaller, tougher, and faster than a traditional spinning hard drive, a solid state drive gives you safe and reliable access to your crucial files. It also weighs less and uses less power than the older technology — which helps keep you more mobile than ever. See also hard drive.
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Tablet PC

A tablet PC is a wireless, portable personal computer with a touch screen interface. The tablet form factor is typically smaller than a notebook computer but larger than a smart phone.
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TFT Display

See active-matrix display.

Thumb Drive

See flash drive.

Toshiba Bulletin Board

Toshiba Bulletin Board is like a customized mini homepage that keeps you on top of your busy life. Just drag and drop your important pictures, files, notes, letters and links onto your board. No more searching endlessly through folders. It's all right there in front of you.
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Toshiba eco utility™

Now, Toshiba laptops not only set you free, but put you on the road to greener computing. Laptops equipped with our power-saving eco utility™, offer improved energy management. With a single click you can switch to a pre-configured power plan that will not only let you go green, but let you see the measurable savings too.
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Touch Screen

Enjoy a whole new way to navigate your digital world — through touch screen display technology available on some of our computers. With Windows® 7, or Android™ you'll discover easy and exciting new ways to have fun and get things done with your PC.
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Touch Pad

The rectangular, touch-operated area in front of a laptop keyboard. Often used in place of a mouse, it allows you to move the cursor on your laptop screen with just the touch of a finger. See also multi-touch control.


An ultra-bright LCD screen that enables users to experience a bright, clear picture in both bright and dimly-lit rooms.

Turbo Boost

See Intel® Turbo Boost.

TV Tuner

Having a TV Tuner built in to your computer means that you can hook into your existing cable or antennae television receiver, and watch your favorite shows.
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An ultrabook is a new class of thin and light laptop, as defined by Intel®. Ultrabooks typically have less physical bulk, faster load times and a longer battery life than standard laptops, while keeping many of the same features.
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USB stands for Universal Serial Bus, and is a technology that supports data transfer. USB allows you to connect and disconnect accessories without turning your computer off. Most accessories use USB to connect to your computer; for example printers, mice and keyboards. See also bus.

USB 3.0

The latest, fastest version of USB technology. You can connect quickly and easily to USB 3.0 devices with a built-in USB 3.0 port on select Toshiba products — with faster transfer speeds than standard USB 2.0! Plus, a USB 3.0 port will connect to any USB 2.0 device at standard USB 2.0 speeds.
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USB Sleep & Charge

If a smart phone, MP3 player or other portable electronics are part of your life, then you’re in luck! Use USB Sleep-and-Charge ports to power-up your gadgets, even when your computer is asleep.
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Webcam with Toshiba Face Recognition

Video-chat with friends and family around the world with a convenient built-in webcam and microphone. Toshiba Face Recognition is the ultimate hands-free, hassle-free way to log on to your laptop. No keeping track of hard-to-remember passwords. No unnecessary typing. Just your gorgeous visage gazing into the built-in Webcam on your laptop and presto — you've got access! How's that for high-tech?
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See wireless LAN.

Wireless LAN

Sometimes referred to as Wi-Fi®, you can cut the tangled cables and go wireless with built-in wireless LAN on all Toshiba laptops. With wireless LAN, you can access the Internet without a bulky Ethernet cord anywhere that Wi-Fi is available. If you're setting up Wi-Fi at home for the first time, don't forget to add a wireless router to your order! See also 802.11n wireless, wireless router.
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Wireless Router

A wireless router connects to your home internet connection and allows wireless devices such as laptops and tablets to connect to your network without a cable.
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1 Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology (Intel® HT Technology) requires a computer system with a processor supporting Intel HT Technology and an Intel HT Technology-enabled chipset, BIOS and operating system. Performance will vary depending on the specific hardware and software you use. The Intel® Core™ i5-750 desktop processor does not support Intel HT Technology. For more information, including details on which processors support Intel HT Technology, see

2 Intel® HD Graphics is available on select models of the all new 2010 Intel® Core™ processor family.

3 Intel® Turbo Boost Technology requires a PC with a processor with Intel Turbo Boost Technology capability. Intel Turbo Boost Technology performance varies depending on hardware, software and overall system configuration. Check with your PC manufacturer on whether your system delivers Intel Turbo Boost Technology. For more information, see