Canvio AeroMobile
Wireless Solid State Drive

  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Store more on the go
  • Wireless access and share

starts at: $149.99

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Free your devices — and your imagination.

With so many great things going on, your world never stops spinning. Fortunately, Toshiba’s new portable Canvio AeroMobile™ Wireless SSD is sleek and durable, offering a smart, easy, more reliable way to store, stream and share your files and media between your favorite mobile devices. Combining the convenience and capacity of portable wireless storage with the proven durability and performance of solid state technology, this slim, lightweight device frees you and your smartphone, tablet or camera to go and take unlimited pictures or video. Just upload them instantly to your new Canvio AeroMobile™ Wireless SSD and you’re off. Thanks to solid state technology, the Canvio AeroMobile™ Wireless SSD offers greater durability, faster performance and a longer battery life rating than external hard drives, resisting impact and vibration, too. It slips right into your pocket and is amazingly light. So you can fearlessly use it indoors and out, knowing your stuff is safe and secure.

Take a Load Off Your Smartphone
Take a Load Off Your Smartphone
Taking pictures, shooting video and viewing files can fill up the storage on your smartphone and tablet very quickly. But carry the new Canvio AeroMobile™ Wireless SSD and you can easily offload those files to free-up space. You won’t need to attach a single cable to your mobile devices.
Small, Light and Travel-Friendly
The Canvio AeroMobile™ Wireless SSD is small but mighty, weighing only about four ounces and measuring less than half an inch thin. Put it in your pocket, bag, briefcase or purse. You’ll always be ready to stream, share and store wherever the moment takes you.
Enjoy Solid State Reliability
Enjoy Solid State Reliability
Unlike conventional external hard drives, the Canvio AeroMobile™ Wireless SSD features solid state technology that’s free of moving parts. It can take some jostling and stands up well to shocks and vibrations. That means you can take it more places than other drives on the market—to the beach, on the train, on vacation. Think of the possibilities.
Kick the Fun into High Gear
Kick the Fun into High Gear
Bring along the Canvio AeroMobile™ Wireless SSD and watch what happens. Savor photo albums with your smart phone. Listen to music or watch family videos on your tablet. Edit your vacation video on your PC. Or share quarterly results with members of your project team. You can share content on up to eight devices at a time — and never be far from the digital content you want.
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