Canvio® Wireless

  • Wireless streaming and sharing
  • Free up space on your mobile devices
  • Access content on multiple devices at one time

starts at: $49.99

Any place. Any device.

Anything you want to share.

Cast cables aside and discover the ultimate in freedom with the new Canvio® Wireless Adapter. This latest innovation from Toshiba transforms any external hard drive, letting you share, stream, keep and access your content from any place1, and on any device.

Ease the storage burden on your smartphone or tablet. Stream and share content with family and friends on their mobile devices. Or simplify business presentations. The small but mighty Canvio® Wireless Adapter lets you do all of this with the greatest of ease—without wiring up to your mobile devices.

Smart Storage
Smart Storage
Taking pictures, shooting video and viewing files can fill up the storage on your smartphone and tablet very quickly. But carry the new Canvio® Wireless Adapter with your external hard drive2 and you can easily offload those files to free-up space. You won’t need to attach a single cable to your mobile devices.
Small, Light and Travel-Friendly
For all it can help you do, the Canvio® Wireless Adapter takes up very little room. Keep it with an external hard drive in a bag, briefcase or purse. You’ll always be ready to stream, share and store wherever the day or your imagination takes you1.
Easy Access and Playback
Easy Access and Playback
Bring along the Canvio® Wireless Adapter and the pictures or videos on your external hard drive2 and you’ve got a party, or a consensus. In seconds you can share content with your family and friends on their mobile devices—up to eight at a time. Pull up and edit that graduation video or playlist on your PC while sitting on the patio. Or share business data with members of your project team.
Uninterrupted Internet
Uninterrupted Internet
Normally when you connect to a wireless adapter you lose the connection to your wireless router—and the Internet. But with the Internet Pass-Through Mode on this device you’ll enjoy simultaneous access to the Canvio® Wireless Adapter, an external hard drive and the web. Now there’s nothing holding you back.
Canvio® Wireless Adapter

1Wireless Adapter needs to be connected to an external power source.

2Portable hard drive sold separately. Future compatibility of non Toshiba portable hard drives may vary.