CB30 Chromebook by Toshiba

A Refreshingly New Way
to Make the Grade

The popularity of Chromebooks in Education is taking off—and it’s easy to see why. These cloud companions are fast, simple and secure. They boot up in seconds. They’re easy to learn. And they help students breeze through the web—and their core curriculum assignments—at lightning speed.

Yet with so many Chromebooks to choose from, what puts the Toshiba Chromebook™ at the head of the class?

Meet the Toshiba Chromebook

Not only does the Toshiba Chromebook deliver ease-of-use and essential online connections, it offers a tremendously affordable price that makes it easy on the budget and helps stretch every district dollar. Well priced, well designed and well-engineered for true classroom mobility, the Toshiba Chromebook is ideal for students, teachers and school districts that need a fresh new take on 1:1 learning.

Bigger screen. More engaged students.

When learning involves immersive content, the bigger the screen size, the better. Our generous 13.3-inch screen is larger than most—and will keep students coming back for more. Videos come to life. Images look better. And there’s more room for online research, project collaboration, multitasking and getting things done.

Extend productivity with up to 9 hours of battery life.

When students are actively learning, the last thing you want is power issues that cut the process short. Capable of achieving up to 9 hours battery life (more than enough to get through even the longest school day), the Toshiba Chromebook leaves other systems far behind—and helps students stay way out front.

up to
9 Hours

6.7 Hours

A small price to pay for mobile-based, cloud convenience.

Toshiba Chromebook isn’t simply a cost-effective, one-time purchase. Its automatic upgrades and built-in virus protection means your total cost of ownership stays low, year after year. What’s more, easy manageability saves valuable time and strain on your IT resources. So when a traditional laptop or overpriced pad simply won’t cut it, get more bang for your buck with Toshiba Chromebook.

Simplicity (and security) that makes perfect sense.

Users have access to Google Apps for Education, and all data is stored securely in the cloud—providing another layer of security for today’s 1:1 learning initiatives. So when you’re shopping for a smart mobile choice for your district, remember that Toshiba Chromebook™ can make 1:1 learning a no-brainer.

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