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Customer Reviews for kirabook13

Premium ultrabook delivers on every expectation June 18, 2013

POSTED BY: Proud owner, VA
For Model: KIRAbook™ 13 i5 Ultrabook™
Overall rating: 5.0 out of 5

"Shipping and packaging The KIRAbook was delivered as promised with no delays whatsoever. The packaging was fantastic, with several layers of protection for the laptop and a very classy feel. Display The 2560 by 1440 IPS display is amazing, and is readable (for the dedicated) even at 100% DPI scaling (allows for two full-size webpages side-by-side). The viewing angles are wide, the contrast is high, the colours are bright. There are other IPS panels which are better (and lower resolution), but the KIRAbook display is still excellent. Keyboard Travel is minimal with a spongy feel rather than the distinct tactile sensation of a scissor switch or mechanical switch. Keyboard layout is sane and easy to use, with an Fn modifier key to allow convenient access to many useful features and quick toggles. Fn lock is also available. Touchpad Not very good, like most touchpads. The problem is heightened by the extremely high resolution. However, there are extensive customization options available to adjust the touchpad response, and eventually a better configuration may be found. Chassis Excellent build quality, premium feel, classic look. Extremely light and good at presenting the illusion of thinness (with rubber feet on the bottom, it is not truthfully that thin). Difficult to believe that so much power and so many pixels fit into such a svelte package. Battery life On 'eco' mode (under a Toshiba-provided power management utility), power consumption is aggressively low. On an almost 36-hour journey from the US to Japan, the KIRAbook did not need to be charged until the day after the journey (note that the laptop was used mainly during layovers and not during flights) - and it was not even fully charged at the beginning of the journey. Ports The selection of ports is perfect. 3 USB, 1 video, 1 audio, 1 storage. What else do you need? Bloatware The amount of pre-installed software was not excessive. The only resource-intensive one was Norton antivirus (including 2-year subscription). The antivirus also affects the subjective experience of the speed and performance of the system (as it does for all systems). The plethora of included Toshiba utilities are great for those who like to tweak, and unobtrusive for those who don't. Conclusion Ultrabooks are too often consumer-grade and Mac imitations. The KIRAbook steps beyond by combining aesthetics with enterprise-grade features (such as status indicators, battery management, excellent build quality, extended warranty, etc) and first class service."

Better than the macbook pro July 04, 2013

POSTED BY: Diamond, New York, NY
For Model: KIRAbook™ 13 i5 Ultrabook™
Overall rating: 5.0 out of 5

"Well some people may say the price is a little to much but when you actually get hand on you will understand why its that price. When I first opened the package i was shocked at how thin it was, the screen is about same as apples retina display. The only downside for me was no ethernet port but not a big deal"

Ultra Bang In An UltraBook July 12, 2013

POSTED BY: Ted, Richmond, Va
For Model: KIRAbook™ 13 i5 Ultrabook™
Overall rating: 5.0 out of 5

"I have used Toshiba Laptop computers for several years and have had consistently positive user results. I travel extensively and want a smaller, lighter laptop with good battery life and great screen quality. Recently, I purchased the Kirabook 13-i5 and have been blown away by the overall quality. The weight is amazingly light, like not carrying a computer at all. The Kirabook is very fast, has excellent visual screen quality, and I have gotten OVER 6.5 hours of battery life on airplane flights when performing word processing tasks and creating business graphics for reports - with excellent screen brightness. I have stopped carrying my IPAD 2 because the Kirabook has made it surperfluous."

Awesome!! August 21, 2013

POSTED BY: Princess, Florida
For Model: KIRAbook™ 13 i5 Ultrabook™
Overall rating: 5.0 out of 5

"Super lightweight, fast and friendly!"

Kira August 23, 2013

POSTED BY: Twinkle Toes
For Model: KIRAbook™ 13 i5 Ultrabook™
Overall rating: 5.0 out of 5

"Kira is fast becoming my best friend. Great, fast."

OK laptop for an expensive price July 07, 2014

POSTED BY: motrebla
For Model: KIRAbook™ 13-i5s-Touch Ultrabook™
Overall rating: 4.0 out of 5

"On my 9th consecutive Toshiba laptop, wanted to go for the high end available and spent accordingly. Its an OK laptop, just not a good value for money. Competition has cheaper stuff with same specs and possibly better features. After using this laptop for some time, i feel like i dont want to get rid of my Portege!"

Excellent! September 07, 2013

POSTED BY: Coolwater, Miami, fl
For Model: KIRAbook™ 13 i5 Ultrabook™
Overall rating: 4.0 out of 5

"Excellent product, hope Toshiba makes one like this with a 15".Screen The only issue I see is the battery, having to ship it to an expert to change battery. Other than that . Great."

Great laptop February 14, 2014

POSTED BY: Atlanta blue, Atlanta, GA
For Model: KIRAbook™ 13 i7m-Touch Ultrabook™
Overall rating: 4.0 out of 5

"I am really enjoying the Kira although I experienced several issue created by Window 8.1. Kira technical support was fantastic and we were able to get everything resolved."

Mixed feelings July 01, 2013

POSTED BY: kira, Los Altos
For Model: KIRAbook™ 13 i7m-Touch Ultrabook™
Overall rating: 3.0 out of 5

"excellent quality. Excellent keyboard and touchpad. High res display, but not image quality is inferior to cheaper Acer S7. Playing streaming movies from Netflix like services, I see poor image quality on darker scenes. Getting the touchpad driver settings to work properly is a challenge. Don't like Toshiba bloatware. Windows 8.1 broke touchpad functionality very badly."

Too Small To Be Useful June 17, 2013

POSTED BY: Jay, Los Angeles, California
For Model: KIRAbook™ 13 i5 Ultrabook™
Overall rating: 2.0 out of 5

"I have had Toshiba laptops in the past and found them to be more than adequate. I purchased the Kira because I wanted a lighter weight machine to take with me when I travel. The text size is very small when set to the recommended resolution. When coupled with the lack of a trackball or pointing device such as is found on Lenovo machines, the machine is pretty much unusable for any practical purpose."

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