Toshiba Satellite S50-ABT3N22 Laptop

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POSTED BY: Mirage , Dallas, Texas
Overall rating: 5 out of 5 5 out of 5

I bought this laptop to replace a Toshiba Satellite that burned in a fire a few years ago. Because this was has been a huge gift to myself I went all out! With the advice from some really tech savvy friends I upgraded to the hybrid drive and all I have to say is WOW. This laptop is SUPER FAST! I brought this more specifically for everyday use/ school but I have been messing around with gaming and it does not disappoint! The only negatives that I can point out thus far is, Windows 8.1. I was strongly urged to get Windows 7 but if I had to get higher.... getting 8.1 was the better choice. 2nd negative thing would have to be that you cant remove the battery. All in all, I am completely satisfied in my purchase. I would highly recommend this laptop for anyone.

So Far So Good

POSTED BY: Lin , Northern Wisconsin
Overall rating: 4 out of 5 4 out of 5

I just bought this laptop to replace my Dell Inspiron from 2003. I was concerned that there were no reviews that I could rely on, so I thought I would write one so folks could have something to base their own decisions on. I use the laptop for teaching online courses, communications, music, video and general word processing, etc. No gaming. I needed something for traveling to bring my work along with me and required reliable internet connection. I wanted a back lit keyboard and something that was durable. I've been a Dell customer my entire computer life (over 20 years now) and this is my firsts Toshiba. So, let me describe it for you. It feels solid and sleek. It doesn't feel flimsy in any way. The monitor stays put the hinges appear sturdy. The screen is bright, sharp and clear. The keyboard is very nice. The actual characters light up - not just the area below the keys. The light does turn off automatically if not used for several seconds, but come right back on when you touch any key. The feel of the keys are slick. The touch pad tracks well, but takes some getting used to for me because my Dell had the "old school" right and left buttons. I'm getting the hang of it and it has very nice features. I have a friend who was doing a project for his degree in computer technology and compared 3 different laptops under a grand with similar specs. This Satellite was one of them and won hands down when compared with the competition. It came with a lot of bloat ware - but then again they all do. Windows 7 is nice and there's no touch screen - which is great for me.

Good Customization

POSTED BY: Dash , Bozeman, MT
Overall rating: 4 out of 5 4 out of 5

Baught to replace a three year old Toshiba laptop I have used since I was still in College. I wanted something portable and affordable with enough performance to keep up with the latest games and my 3D data modeling for my job. This thing scored! The Nvidia GPU tears through the Final Fantasy XIV Game benchmark (rates it as High). Not to mention the blazing fast startup time (which I haven't timed yet but basically its fast). Finally, there are some minor gripes if I really nitpick, namely the less than stellar screen resolution and slightly less sturdy furnishing. Still it is a Toshiba and in my experience their products have help up extremely well. Too early to be more thorough, but so far I like what I've seen and love what I got for the price!

good product

POSTED BY: Jeanee , Cleveland, OH
Overall rating: 4 out of 5 4 out of 5

I like my new S50 laptop anyway, but there are a few things need to improve. For some reason, the background and screen saver do not follow the ways I personalized them. Some languages other than English cannot be displayed.

Way below expectations

POSTED BY: Eugene , Chicago, IL
Overall rating: 2 out of 5 2 out of 5

I am a big SONY fan but could not find a SONY laptop with 16 GB memory and i7 processor. Toshiba seemed to be the only manufacturer who can put the latest hardware in a compact laptop. So I ordered Satellite S50 with all top configurations. The laptop has arrived today and it is complete junk... If you open CD-ROM you can see the cheapness of the parts, some scratches. When I click on the sensor pad there is a loud click noise because the sensor cover was not put evenly and a corner physically scratches the laptop body and makes this awful noise. You actually can see it with your eye! On the website they say processor is up to 3.6 Ghz but the actual speed is 2.4. It also performs weak. The camera on the laptop is awful. The performance is weak and the case looks very cheap and ugly even of compared to three years old SONY laptop. I am very disappointed and would like to share this such that nobody makes the same mistake.

would be fine if it were a desktop.

POSTED BY: Deryni1 , Rockledge, FL
Overall rating: 2 out of 5 2 out of 5

I customized my S-50 and got a really well performing machine - not a true gamer machine, but very nice.. I bought it to have a good machine I could travel with. Sadly, this machine is not suited for that purpose. I was at a conference last weekend, and had to leave my seat three times to sit against the wall to recharge. This is with my screen brightness turned down and no intense graphic or cd/dvd or even extensive hard drive use. What I didn't realize was that NOT ONLY is there not a battery upgrade available, but the battery is NOT user accessible! I can't even get a second battery to cart with me and swap out. I am getting less than two hours on a full charge. I went with Toshiba because I was happy with another Satellite that I have had for a few years. It has a user accessible battery. Toshiba first advised me that I could turn off WI-FI to save battery. They have now instructed me to return for a battery replacement. I will do so, but suspect it will not change things. It is like buying a Corvette, and finding it has a one gallon fuel tank. Looks nice, but not much use. I will write a follow-up review after I get it back.

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  • laptop summary
    • Customized

  • 4th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-4700MQ Processor (6M Cache, up to 3.40 GHz) with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology
  • Windows 8.1
  • 1 month trial for new Office 365 customers
  • 4GB DDR3L 1600MHz (4GB x 1)
  • 500GB HDD (5400rpm, Serial ATA)
  • 2GB DDR3 NVIDIA ® GeForce® GT 740M with Optimus™ Technology
  • DVD SuperMulti (+/-R double layer) drive
  • No Touchscreen
  • Premium Raised Tile Keyboard with 10-key (black)
  • Wi-Fi® Wireless networking (802.11b/g/n) (150Mbps)
  • Norton™ Internet Security 2013 (30-day trial subscription)
  • 1 Year Standard Limited Warranty (1 Year on Battery)
  • Accessories Added: