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EPEAT Gold Compliant

These products were awarded elite EPEAT Gold™ status, the highest rating in environmental standards for laptops by EPEAT. Carry this eco-conscious machine and you'll be doing a world of good.

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1080p Full HD
Full HD (1920x1080), offering amazing color, clarity and contrast.
1080p Upconversion
This innovative technology upconverts 480i, 480p, and even 720p content to create a sharper, more detailed picture. It will make all your standard-def stuff look and feel more like HD.
12-Cell Li-ion Battery Pack
This rechargeable 12-Cell battery allows you to stay connected much longer while on the go.
1GB Ethernet
Plug right in and get access to the Web or other networks to work, communicate and enjoy yourself.
2-Yr Limited Warranty
For your peace of mind, this laptop comes with a Two-Year Standard Limited Warranty.
23” Diagonal HD Touchscreen
Reach out and tap open brilliant HD movies shown with amazing color, contrast and clarity. Plus, get an exceptional amount of screen “real estate” for multitasking.
3-Yr Limited Warranty
For your peace of mind, this laptop comes with a Three-Year Limited Warranty.
3D Videos and Stills
3G Mobile Broadband
Download, email and access the Internet - far from mobile hotspots - using your carrier’s wireless broadband network.
4-Yr Limited Warranty
4G Mobile Broadband
Download, email and access the Internet — far from mobile hotspots — using your carrier’s wireless broadband network.
4K Ultra HD
4K Ultra HD provides four times the resolution of 1080p Full HD for breathtaking detail and image quality even up close.
6-Cell Li-ion Battery Pack
This rechargeable 6-Cell battery is perfect for staying connected longer while on the go.
7200 RPM Hard Drive
High-speed 7200RPM SATA hard drives give you quicker access to your files and multimedia, so you’ll spend less time waiting and more time enjoying.
9-Cell Li-ion Battery Pack
This rechargeable 9-Cell battery allows you to stay connected even longer while on the go.
Active Management Technology
Used with remote management software, Active Management Technology on Intel® vPro™—equipped Toshiba laptops lets you remotely configure, diagnose, isolate, and repair infected PCs—even if they’re off.
Advanced/Discrete Graphics
Dedicated graphics enliven and enhance the way you view movies, photos and games, all without robbing the performance you need to get other things done.
Android 4.2, Jelly Bean
This tablet comes pre-loaded with Android™ 4.2 Jelly Bean, the fastest, smoothest version of Android™ yet.
Audyssey Premium Television™
A suite of advanced audio technologies that include Audyssey EQ® and Audyssey ABX™.
Audyssey® Audio Technology
Advanced audio technologies include Audyssey EQ® and Audyssey ABX™ for clear, well-balanced sound.
Autodesk® Certified
This laptop meets Autodesk’s minimum requirements for certain Autodesk software products and has passed Autodesk tests designed to verify that this system supports advanced graphics display features. Visit for more details.
BD Live capability
BD-Live™ opens up a world of online features, with a convenient SD Card Slot for storing saved content.
It’s your ticket to brilliant HD movies on the go or splashed across a home theater with your laptop’s advanced A/V connections.
Sync your smart phone and other portables, or expand your PC’s entertainment potential with external speakers, or headphones—all without cords.
Stay connected wirelessly with Wi-Fi®
Bluetooth® Connectivity
Along with built-in Wi-Fi®, you’ll also enjoy onboard Bluetooth®, which makes it easy to expand your comfort and convenience by using wireless gear.
Built for Business
Built for Business systems feature a variety of upgrade options, remote manageability and docking (select models), and business operating software. They are designed with the professional user in mind and offer longer durability, reliability and added protection for the road.
Built-in GPS
Note your location most anywhere on Earth thanks to the built-in GPS and take advantage of today’s popular map applications, photo tagging and more.
Built-in Wi-Fi®
All SmartTV Models Have Built-in Wi-Fi. No Dongle Needed.
Business Card Reader
Save yourself time, trouble and mistakes by scanning business cards and keeping important contact information in an easily accessed file.
Capacitive 10-finger Multi-touch
The ten-finger multi-touch screen design on this tablet lets you navigate and control your visual experience with ease.
2nd Generation Quad + Dual Core Processor delivers the ultimate 4K Ulra HD image from 4K and standard 4K.
Get awesome, crisp images for quick-action sports and other fast-motion video.
ClearScan® 120Hz
Get awesome, crisp images for quick-action sports and other fast-motion video.
ClearScan® 240Hz
Get awesome, crisp images for quick-action sports and other fast-motion video.
Cloud TV
Cloud TV takes the connected experience to a new level and provides a better user experience by offering easier content discovery and acquisition, including news content and more.
CQ engine
A processor that significantly produces a better picture.
Plug in an LCD monitor and enjoy a higher resolution viewing experience.
An easy-to-use HDMI® port or DisplayPort so you can connect to any compatible display and see your productivity grow.
Dolby Surround Sound Audio
Experience full 5.1 surround sound on a home theater, or enjoy immersive virtual surround sound through headphones or the built-in laptop speakers.
Dolby® Advanced Audio™
Upgrades the audio capabilities of your laptop speakers and delivers a more natural sound experience.
Dolby® Digital
Built-in Dolby® Digital Decoding for enhanced realism.
Dolby® Volume
Eliminates inconsistent volume levels when changing channels, inputs or even during TV commercials.
DTS Studio Sound™
Enjoy the most immersive surround sound experience ever offered from music, videos and games.
Dual Cameras
Chat, video conference and snap still pictures through a 2MP front webcam. And use a 5MP rear camera to capture photos & videos in high-def.
Dual Front & Back Webcams
Chat & video conference with the 2MP front camera. Or use the 5MP rear camera to capture HD photos & videos and enjoy augmented reality apps.
Dual HD Cameras
Chat, video conference and snap still pictures through the front webcam. Use the rear camera to capture photos & videos in high-def.
Dual-core Processor
The two cores on this processor let you do more at once. They are also energy-smart, sipping battery power so you can go farther unplugged.
Durable Aluminum Surface
The cool patterned aluminum surface is not just eye-catching; it’s also makes it more durable.
DVD SuperMulti Optical Drive
Play your favorite music CDs. Watch the latest DVD movies. Load programs and do back-ups in a flash.
Automatically adjusts the backlight intensity based on the image content.
Dynamic Noise Reduction
Dynamic Noise Reduction can distinguish areas of noise and apply noise reduction to only those areas.
Dynamic Picture Mode
Dynamic Picture Mode creates the right amount of “pop,” and provides more colors, finer details, less visual noise and brighter, realistic pictures.
EasyGuard® Technology
Stay more agile, productive and competitive with Toshiba’s exclusive EasyGuard® Technology which offers greater mobile reliability, security and convenience.
Eco Utility
Quickly adjust the settings and power plan of your laptop and monitor your ongoing power usage with just a click.
Engineered with respect to our planet, 93% of Toshiba laptops, netbooks and Tablet PCs have met the ENERGY STAR 4.0 standard since it was established in 2007.
ENERGY STAR® Qualified
Blu-ray players earning the ENERGY STAR® meet strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. EPA.
TVs earning the ENERGY STAR® meet strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. EPA.
EPEAT™ Gold Registered
EPEAT™ Gold is the highest possible ranking of the acclaimed Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool which measures products across 51 different dimensions.
eSATA USB Combo Port
Experience faster data transfers when using an external hard drive. It’s the ideal solution for smarter back-ups, or storing your growing media collection.
Fanless Design
Fanless by design, it operates without noisy vent fans, so you get a sleek-looking sealed design that runs quiet and is easy to maintain. Fanless by design, it operates without noisy vent fans, so you get a sleek-looking sealed design that runs quiet and is easy to maintain.
Fast Resume
Gain time, fast resume enables faster boot up time from stand-by or hibernation modes.
Fingerprint Reader
Get added security and convenience by replacing passwords with the simple swipe of a finger.
Flash Support
Adobe® Flash® compatible devices deliver a complete Web experience to help you fully explore, discover and interact.
Full-Size SD Card Slot
The full-size SD card slot simplifies file transfers to and from this tablet and makes it easy to expand the storage capabilities.
Gaming mode
Enjoy hair-trigger action on your Toshiba TV with a special setting that reduces game controller delay.
Hard Drive Impact Sensor
Safeguard your data by ’parking’ the hard drive heads in the event of a drop or sudden movement.
harman/kardon® speakers
harman kardon stereo speakers bring an added dimension to music, movies and gaming with rich, immersive audio. Enjoy deeper, richer lows, crisper highs, and more lifelike conversations.
HD Cameras
High-resolution 8MP rear camera, plus 1.2MB front webcam.
Connect with receivers, gaming consoles, DVD players and more to enjoy brilliant high-def sound and visuals right from your All-in-One desktop computer.
HDMI™ Output
Directly watch your movies on a big TV screen by using the HDMI™ output port.
Let your Toshiba disc player ‘talk’ to other suitably equipped home entertainment components. And run the whole show with a single remote.
HDMI® port
Scale up your gaming, movies and music on a home theater - with full 1080p high-definition video, and amazingly immersive surround sound.
Hybrid Hard Drive
Get the speed and capacity you want with quick flash storage to open commonly used files and applications, plus a standard hard drive to store saved data.
Connects in a fraction of the time, for faster HDMI switching between components.
Intel Wireless Display
Wirelessly connect to your HDTV and share your PC’s content on the big screen with great image clarity and sound. (where supported).
Intel Wireless Display Capable
Get an adapter that supports Intel Wireless Display and wirelessly project multimedia to your HDTV with great image clarity and sound.
IR Pass-Through
An IR input is convenient for wall mounting installation or when you want to place your AV components out of view.
Keyboard with Numeric 10-Key Pad
Tackle term papers, write letters, balance your budget, and handle high finances. This feature makes typing and data entry go so much faster.
LCD Touch Screen
Simply make your selection by touching or scrolling with the touch of a finger with greater ease.
LED Backlit Display
Last longer, use less power, and warm up quicker with the unique LED backlit display.
LED Backlit Keyboard
When the room’s dim or the lights go down, you can keep right on typing thanks to these energy efficient keyboards.
Magnesium Casing with Honeycomb Structure
The unique honeycomb structure within the magnesium alloy chassis gives this PC increased durability, rigidity and thinness.
MediaShare (DLNA)
Grab content from your Smart Phone, Tablet, PC or other DLNA Media Server devices.
Memory Card Reader
Transfer files easily from your digital camera, camcorder, MP3 player or smart phone, sharing home movies and playlists with SD cards, Memory Sticks and more.
Micro HDMI® port
Use the built-in micro HDMI® port on this tablet to share on a big screen TV all the stuff you’ve captured and carried around.
Micro SD Card Slot
Share photos, video clips, and other files with other devices, or simply expand your storage capabilities.
Micro SD/SDHC/SDXC Card slot
Expand your storage capabilities or transfer your digital photos, music and other files with a conveniently built-in Micro Secure Digital (SD) card slot.
Mini DisplayPort™
Plug in an LCD monitor and enjoy a higher resolution viewing experience.
Multi-Camera Angle Select
Want to see a different side to the drama? This DVD player feature makes it happen.
Native Mode™
Displays the 3% to 5% of the image that is generally lost during the normal over-scanning that is done in most TVs.
Numeric 10-key Pad
Enjoy faster typing, smoother data entry and more convenient gaming commands with a full-size keyboard and a handy numeric 10-key pad.
NVIDIA® Optimus™ Technology
Intelligently optimizes your laptop, providing outstanding graphics performance when you need it, all the while extending battery life for longer enjoyment.
Onkyo® Speakers Enhanced by SRS Premium Sound 3D™
Savor audio that’s louder, clearer, fuller and more life-like. Movie soundtracks and dialogue will sound amazing. You’ll enjoy more immersive gaming too.
PC Health Monitor
Toshiba’s PC Health Monitor alerts you to issues before they become problems, constantly gauging your machine’s temperature and power usage, while checking the hard drive to help protect against shocks.
Pen Input
Included Toshiba TruPen delivers 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity for incredible accuracy, plus the convenience of a built-in eraser (eraser support by apps will vary).
PixelPure 5G
With a 14-bit internal digital video processor, gradation levels are increased, creating smoother, clearer images.
Premium sound
This device combines stereo speakers with premium sound enhancements by SRS® and Toshiba to bring your movies, music and games to life.
Quad-core Processor
Thanks to the four cores on this processor you’ll experience unflinching performance when playing intense 3D games, creating and editing video, or enjoying music and photos.
Not just simple scaling, Resolution+™ uses complex image correction to enhance the detail of each image, making everything feel like HD.
Resolution+® Video Enhancement
Make older photos, clips and movies look and feel more like HD with this innovation that upconverts standard-def movies, improving sharpness and color in real-time.
Rich Dolby® Sound
Because you deserve nothing but the best, Toshiba disc players off a wide range of advanced Dolby® sound technologies, including Dolby® Digital Plus and Dolby® True HD.
S/P DIF Digital Audio Port
Tap into a home theater system to take advantage of big multi-speaker sound.
Make calls right from your couch with Skype® capable TVs.
Sleep Timer
Even with the great entertainment on your TV, it’s okay to nod off knowing your set won’t be on all night.
Listen and enjoy music from your MP3 player through your laptop speakers even when your laptop is powered down.
Slot-load CD/DVD Drive
These sophisticated new drives not only simplify playing your music and movies, but they also work great in cramped quarters, and add to the clean, streamlined looks of your laptop.
Smart BD
Watch the latest movies from VoD partners like Netflix®, VUDU®, and Hulu Plus™. Stream the latest music from Pandora®, or watch videos from YouTube®. Plus, you can also access dozens of additional media apps from the VUDU® Apps portal.
Smart Card Reader
Designed for those who work with highly sensitive information, smart card readers are a sophisticated way to limit PC access using highly advanced security token encoding.
Smart Optical Drive
Save your battery with the Power On/Power Off. And protect your media and system with Toshiba’s exclusive Tray Ejection Prevention.
Smart TV
Enhances your television experience by tying into the web, your mobile devices, even other electronics in your home to expand what you can do and enjoy.
Solid State Drive
Solid state drives offer lightning-fast access times and greater data reliability.
Sonic Emotion Absolute 3D
Immersive 3D sound experience from a single compact solution.
Spill-resistant Backlit Keyboard
This keyboard helps safeguard your PC in case of a spill and keeps you typing when the lights go down.
SRS TruSurround HD™
Virtual 3D surround sound for TV, movies, gaming and more.
Stereo Speakers
Don''t settle for wimpy sound when it comes to your favorite music, games, videos and rich-media websites.
Tablet PC
These notebooks transform into a "tablet" with a digital pen for sketching ideas, calculating math problems, marking up documents, or tapping open files.
Toshiba Hi-Speed Start
This technology allows you to save precious time by offering a quicker boot-up from off state.
Toshiba Smart Client Manager
Endpoint Management Solution that offers quick and efficient Patch Management, Power Consumption Settings and BIOS level Security functionality to safely manage the mobile workforce.
Touch pad with Multi-touch
Enjoy the ability to pinch, swipe, rotate or scroll through images on the display screen with a simple brush of your fingers.
Get the most from Windows 8.1 with this touchscreen - touch, tap, pinch and glide all with the touch of a finger.
Transreflective Indoor/Outdoor Display
This unique transreflective widescreen LED-backlit display lets you work effectively in the office—or even out in direct sunlight. It also produces rich color in most any lighting condition.
Triple-Core Processor
Enjoy more vibrant entertainment; connect to what you care about; create more freely than ever; and do more on the go with the three cores offered on this CPU.
TruCapture™ App
This Toshiba exclusive app allows you to easily capture and convert whiteboard contents into digital files.
TruNote™ App
This Toshiba exclusive app allows you to easily capture and convert whiteboard contents into digital files.
Ultra HD 4K
Cleaner images created from motion vector content data.
ULV Processor
Get things done on the run with advanced energy-efficiency, designed so you can go longer on a single battery charge.
Up to Four Displays
When two screens just don’t give you enough viewing real estate, there’s no need to worry. These Tecra laptops let you expand your view up to four.
USB 3.0
Get maximum performance when connecting the latest external devices, with blazing fast transfer speeds.
USB Media
Easily connect to your favorite tunes and photos, create slideshows, or listen to your personal playlists with this feature.
USB Sleep-and-Charge
Power your smartphone, tablet and other USB-based portables even when your PC is off. Great for charging these USB devices while you are on the run.
USB Video
Enjoy videos, music, photos and more from yoru USB Flash Drive.
User Replaceable Battery
Keep your Thrive™ Tablet running stronger, faster, longer thanks to an easily replaceable battery. (Sold separately)
Wall Mountable
No bracket required for simple wall mounting under your TV.
The built-in webcam on this PC makes it easy to Skype® and chat live with friends and family or videoconference with co-workers. You’ll also be able to take and store still pictures.
Wi-Fi capability
Wirelessly connect to your home network, and easily access your shared media directly on your TV.
Wi-Fi Wireless Networking
Includes Wireless-N (802.11n) for high-speed wireless connectivity, plus the convenience of Bluetooth® wireless for pairing Bluetooth-enabled phones, printers and speakers.
Wi-Fi® enabled
Wireless options and so many ways to shoot, share and connect.
Wi-Fi® Miracast™
Lets you stream audio and video content from your smartphone, tablet or laptop without a network connection (Peer to Peer connectivity requires both devices to be Miracast™ certified)
Wireless Active Subwoofer
Strong bass and flexible placement anywhere in the room.
Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
Stay in full command of your work or entertainment while keeping your desk free of clutter.
Wireless LAN Ready
Wireless LAN Adapter required for wireless connection to your home network.

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