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DVD Players & Recorders

  • Upconverted high-def visuals and sound
  • A variety of DVD players to suit your lifestyle
  • Feature-rich versatility

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DVD Players & Recorders

DVD Players & Recorders

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How do like your entertainment? Serve it up anyway you like, with a complete selection of DVD players that let you kick back on the couch and wow-out to your favorite movies. Perhaps you'd like to record your can't-miss shows with zero headaches, enjoy an on-screen slideshow of your favorite photos, breathe new life into your standard-def movie collection, even preserve your old VHS tapes to DVD. If so, we offer an all-star cast of versatile DVD recorders ready to deliver a command performance.

DVD Players

Supporting today's most popular DVD formats, premium-quality DVD players make every single title in your movie queue a smash hit. Look to our ColorStream Pro® video technology to enhance color purity and image detail, and built-in up upconversion technology to res up your standard-def DVDs to match your HDTV. They also offer all the ports you need to hook right into your HDTV home theater.

DVD Recorders

Yes, the alphabet soup of different DVDs can be mighty confusing. But rest easy. DVD recorders provide the utmost in convenience by accepting all the most popular formats, including DVD-R, DVD-RW,DVD+R and DVD+RW. It's one less thing to worry about.

Upconverted 1080p HD Viewing

Video upconversion up to 1080p1 resolution via HDMI™ takes your current DVDs and DVD Player to a new level, for an amazing viewing experience on today's High Definition TVs.

DVD/VCR Combo Funcationlity

If your movie collection dates back a few years you'll like our Model DVR670, which offers both VHS and DVD recording and playback. Plus, with bi-directional dubbing it lets you easily copy your tapes to DVD with the push of a button. It's time to modern-up!

Portable DVD Players

Not near your home theater? No worries. Create your own on-the-go film festival with our selection of portable DVD players offering a range of brilliant built-in screens and stunning virtual surround sound speakers. They also come with conveniences like MP3 players, JPEG viewers for your photo albums, and memory card slots to share your media.

One-Touch Recording

Want to re-watch that show that just came on? On your way out the door? No problem. With one of our select DVD recorders hooked to your cable or satellite box you just press a button and start recording. How's that for easy?

1An HDTV or HD Monitor with an HDCP capable HDMI or DVI input is required for video upconversion. To upconvert to 720p, 1080i, or 1080p resolution, a 720p, 1080i, or 1080p capable HDTV or HD Monitor (as applicable) is required. * Not all features are included in all models. Choose a model and see detailed specifications for complete details.